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Lynaea 04-27-2013 11:54 AM

X-post: does anyone NOT use a rinse-out?
I'm gonna post this in General Discussion too for obvious reasons.

My hair is low-porosity so apart from making it easier to detangle my hair I don't see much benefit from the many RO's I've tried. My hair is fine too so when I cowash, then do a RO, then do a leavein (because that's the only thing that will stay on my hair long enough to sink in) my hair gets pretty weighed down. I have yet to find a lowpoo that doesn't either leave my hair coated or stripped. Just for the record I definitely see a difference if I don't use a leavein or use one without lots of protein, ie I get minimal wave, so at this moment I don't believe the leavein is the issue.

So I've been considering just skipping the RO. It seems like I could just cowash, rinse, put in some leavein (I use a PT usually) let it sit some while I do other stuff, detangle, give it my normal quick rinse to smooth out the tine lines and then move on to stylers. Anyone doing anything similar to this?

ltdeforrest 05-02-2013 09:57 PM

I do that fairly often. During the winter, my hair needs more moisture so I do use a rinse out as well as a leave in. During the spring and summer, that usually weighs my hair down so I "listen" closely to my hair. If it feels dry, then I'll use both, otherwise I just use a leave in.

Noumenon 05-02-2013 10:42 PM

Using a pre-poo, co-wash and RO works really well for my dry hair, its my guarantee of a good hair day. That said I have super thick very dense hair and it quite hard to weigh down.

Also my co-wash costs less then $4 for 1Litter, it does a really good job of cleaning my hair particularly given I use Coconut oil as my pree-poo, but doesn't do much in terms of adding moisture. I leave my RO in overnight and wash it out in the morning. Its time consuming but it take less time getting my hair to sit pretty in the morning, and its less damaging then using heat.

Lauraimes 05-09-2013 09:10 AM

I'm not sure if you still want to know, but I've done that for a long time. I bought a conditioner that has lots of oils because I was convinced I had coarse hair, but it didn't do anything for me other than making it supersoft and weighed down. That way, I discovered I had fine hair and that I had low porosity. It simply didn't penetrate the hair shaft, leaving me overconditioned all the time. After long consideration, I ordered Aubrey Organics GPB, which works well, but in-between, I just low-pood. I didn't even use a LI because I don't have one (and I don't think I need one - it would probably weigh down my hair even more). My hair got perkier, though slightly on the dry side.

unepetiteprune 06-06-2013 07:19 PM

I've only begun CG a few days ago and I've found that a RO is not necessary for me. My hair detangles really easily in the shower with just co-washing so I don't need a detangler either. I just co-wash, use a leave-in, and then gel. I figure the simpler the better I don't get overwhelmed with all the different products and steps, being so new to this and all..

Keihs 06-08-2013 03:32 AM

I've been wondering this too. Im still having trouble with finding a rinse-out or what qualifies as a rinse out. Im still not exactly sure what the difference is between a cowash conditioner and a rinse out.. I can probably just google it.. Someday

Lynaea 06-08-2013 04:36 AM


Essentially both are just conditioner, the difference is how they are used:

There are 'cleansing conditioners' which are marketed to curlies and usually contain ingredients to make them effective cleansers, but they still condition (ie moisturize, provide slip, soften hair).

'Regular' conditioners generally include some cleansing ingredients too but any condish can be used as a cowash because its really the friction of massaging it on the scalp/thru hair that cleans. The same is true for any cleanser (soap, shampoo, face wash).

So in general; a cowash is whatever conditioner one uses to clean the scalp and hair, it is usually applied to the scalp, massaged well, rinsed out with more scalp massage. A rinse out is a conditioner that is applied, left on without massaging scalp, then rinsed out. A leave in condish is any condish put on and left on after which the hair is dried, styled, etc.

Pretty much any type/brand conditioner can be used for any of these uses.

okyouwin 06-08-2013 12:16 PM

I feel like my cowash and curl cream are enough right now. My hair feels soft with just these 2 things. If I see a little frizz I spritz that area with 50/50 water and conditioner. Sometimes I put a tiny amount of olive oil frizzy spot...still trying to figure that one out!:shock:

killthebananas 06-12-2013 02:56 PM

I'm not using a RO right now. It's summer right now so i can get away with a little less moisture, I think.

I've also been experimenting with completely natural washing and conditioning methods. im currently using water and honey as my "shampoo" which I find to be rather conditioning so it's the only thing I've been doing to my hair in the shower.

I'm also planning to make some herb and oil infused rinses for days when I want to condition because I just used a RO today for the first time in a few weeks and my hair was way OC'd and limp.

I use alba botanica products which do a really good job of detangling.

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