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Lynaea 04-27-2013 06:53 PM

Lynaea's CG Hair Journal
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I like the idea of keeping a hair care journal but paper is cumbersome and although there is an app for darn near everything I have yet to find a free journal type one that will let you prepopulate pages with specific items like I want to.

I plan to make my next post a template for keeping track of what I use on my hair each time I wash, refresh, DT/PT, whatever. I wash at night so it will take two days for each post to be 'complete'. This is mostly for my future reference to keep track of how products work for me. I chose this forum because its both appropriate for me and will keep me out of most people's way. Pic below is the best I've managed so far, though I don't remember what I did that night and the wave didn't last very long, hence the journal.
Feel free to ignore me, or to steal my template or info if it will help you. :smilebox:

SSI = SheScentIt
SS CC = Spiral Solutions Caitlin's Condish
PT = protein treatment
MGSG = Max Green Styling Gel
VM gel = Volumax Mega gel
DO = DermOrganics
FST = flour sack towel
MFT = microfiber towel
S2S = side-to-side
USD = upside down
MGSculpt = Max Green Sculpting gel
CJ DF = Curl Junkie DailyFix
Mod-SS = modified super-soaker, (wet hands and scrunch small amounts of water in rather then puddles)
MCB = Mill Creek Botanicals
OBBS = Ouidad Botanical Boost Spray
CIAB = Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle
GVP LSG = Sally's GVP Liquid Sculpting Gel

Lynaea 04-27-2013 07:00 PM

Haircare Template
Dew point wash day:
Dew point next day:
Interesting weather?:


Styling Technique:

Next day results:

Second day refresh:

Second day results:

New things to try:

Lynaea 04-27-2013 07:03 PM

Hair biography 04/2013
My hair biography, copied from the fine hair thread in General Disc.:

Okay, I've been reluctant to do this since I'm still trying to figure everything out but since this thread has slipped to the third page I figured I better do it while I can still find it.

Hair Biography

Length: BSL
Curl Pattern: 2A/B
Texture: fine
Porosity: low
Density: medium
Elasticity: I have no idea
Characteristics: I'm in Florida so I have always had flat, mostly straight winter hair and poofy, mostly straight summer hair. It's always frustrated me that my hair would wave when wet and clumpy but it would all fall out when dry. I have some straighter bits and one side is less wavy than the other, the less wavy side will wave nicely until its almost dry then the last 6 inches or so goes pretty straight and refuses to bend to my will anymore. I get better wave with pixie diffusing but that causes crown frizz.

CG/ModCG/not CG: CG to the best of my knowledge

Ingredients hair likes: protein,
Ingredients hair dislikes: butters and oils, glycerin makes it go poof

HG/Go-to Products: still working on this, I was loving the PT from Ingredientstodiefor I was using as a leavein but it has glycerin high up, trying SS PT and spray. Mostly I'm still buying and trying

Average climate/dew points: Northeast Florida

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos:

Favorite styling techniques and why: best so far: apply leavein and comb through, wet hair briefly, scrunch gel into length then more on top/sides, finger comb through, comb hair into place (part/bangs), supersoak to rewet if necessary, scrunch more gel into front/sides/back (all in shower). Dry hair by scrunching to scalp with MF towel, plop and diffuse through flour sack briefly, take down plop after 30 mins or so, pixie diffuse till mostly dry (side to side, some upside down, clip front if its misbehaving), pray it holds up overnight.
Okay, why: if I put in product or otherwise manipulate my hair upside down any clumps that form get pulled apart when I stand up. If my hair, especially scalp area, is too dry when products are applied my clumps break up and I get poofy hair. If I squeeze my hair with the towel rather then pressing it to my head I get smaller clumps and frizz. If I plop too long my hair won't bend/wave/spiral into the diffuser bowl correctly, the ends will stay in but the mid portion will bend out funny and escape over the rim so I get less wave. If I don't diffuse through the plop some my hair is still really wet even after 30+ mins.

Techniques that didn’t work and why: upside down product application/scrunching/drying etc, clumps form with different layers and break apart when turned right side up. I listed a lot of this above.

Hair Twins: Shelley & Newtocurlz share properties but are wavier than me.

Lynaea 04-27-2013 07:42 PM

4/26; SM cowash, MCB lowpoo, 1st use SS CC, PT & CEJ
Dew point Wash day: Low 60's
Dew point next day: 65
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: tried SM cowash again, left hair feeling coated/heavy, lowpoo'd with MCB Henna, hair felt stripped and sticky. Sigh, gave up and used RO.
RO: SS Caitlin's Conditioner; smells okay, good slip, may be light enough to use as a leave-in. Hair still felt somewhat coated/heavy after, probably from cowash.
Leave-in: SS protein treatment; smell is light, used more than I normally would for a leave-in, not much slip
Styler(s): SS CEJ, Max Green Styling Gel (MGSG);

Styling Technique: Used silver dollar size puddle of CEJ on length and more on top, finger combed through and adjusted bangs/part, scrunched in MGSG to each side, scrunched excess water from length, dried w/ MF towel and plopped. Diffused twice during plop (high/high), at least an hour in plop. Hair was a bit too stiff/set, it was difficult to get volume and impossibly to reposition bangs/part.

First Impressions: minimal volume, good wave/curl on left, right front went straight for bottom 6 inches, applying more gel, finger twirling, more diffusing didn't help.

Next day results: flat with moderate frizz, lots of straighter bits, too much hold to finger comb out, soft but tangly/rough feeling. Tried Jane Carter N&S on frizz-did nothing, smells really good though. Sprayed some SS protein spray on hands and ran over top and sides later in day- no help with frizz, made hands & hair sticky.

New things to try: try less CEJ next time, also protein spray may work for some hold but is not good on dry hair. Need a lighter cowash and may try skipping the RO and see if that helps with drooping waves.

Lynaea 04-27-2013 07:58 PM

VO5 body co, overnight PT
Dew point wash day: 65
Dew point next day: 65
Interesting weather?: 50% chance of rain, none yet

Cowash/Lowpoo: vo5 body building cond. (orange); great slip, fairly thin, easy to distribute, took a bit to rinse out but hair felt light, silky smooth and clean
RO: skipped
Leave-in: nickel size blob SS CC for slip 'brushed' thru with denman type comb, many squirts of SS protein spray, double usual leave-in amount of SS PT all distributed with wide toothed comb. intend to use as overnight PT.
Styler(s): none, spray has some hold

Styling Technique: skipped post leave-in quick rinse, MF dried & plopped w/flour sack, diffused through plop, diffused moderately dry, no intention of styling

First Impressions: smaller clumps due to (lack of) technique, straighter side is wavier, wavier side has a few of those weird straight clumps at front. Maybe they are caused during plopping? Or from long plops? Lots of crunch from spray or extra co? Left it minimally damp but is impressively wavy.

Next day results: scalp is a little itchy, crunch mostly came out overnight, can feel the condish residue in my hair (expected this), usually straighter side held wave fairly well, usually really wavy side (left) is mostly straight. Very confusing! As of 10:30 am scalp is very itchy, started after applying SS protein spray to frizz.

New things to try: less protein spray, mix with leave-in.

Lynaea 04-28-2013 09:41 AM

1st use BB Volume, SS CEJ, MGSG
1 Attachment(s)
Dew point wash day: 65, 50% chance rain
Dew point next day:
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: scalp itchy from previous wash, rewashed at 11am. Burt's Bees volumizing condish; good slip and thin enough to spread easily, smells kind of candy-sweet but not obnoxious, rinsed out fairly easily, left hair light and a little less slippy then the VO5 yest.
Leave-in: SS PT about nickel dollop
Styler(s): SS CEJ quarter-size, MGSG 4-5 pumps

Styling Technique: scrunched SS CEJ into length only, one pump MGSG over top and fingercombed through, made part and added water using mod supersoak, scrunched in one oump MGSG per side & one add'l pump to length. plopped about 45 mins with one blast of heat, pixie diffused upside down and side to side until maybe 50% dry, did extra upside down to encourage volume, is pretty crunchy, let air dry since its still midday.

First Impressions: held up well thru to bedtime, still crunchy in spots, right front is getting straight at bottom as usual.

Next day results: held up fairly well overnight, definitely pleased. I was gonna take a morning after pic :sad4: haha but we had a SNAFU at work and I had to go in early, ended up staying late too :hmph: barely thought about my hair, had gone pretty limp by the time I got home but I'm definitely trying this again. Oh, and no more itchy scalp.

New things to try: would like to try condish only (leave-in), I like the way my hair looks but I miss being able to run my fingers through it. Will probably go productless next time. Need to try the vo5 and protein spray again but separately so I can tell which caused the itch.

Pic @ 8hrs post wash:

Lynaea 04-30-2013 07:50 PM

BB volume poo, SS PT + grapeseed oil
Dew point wash day: 68
Dew point next day: 68
Interesting weather?: rainy

Cowash/Lowpoo: Burt's bees volume co, feels heavier this time but I put oil and JC N&S on this am to combat frizz and comb-out volume
Leave-in: SS PT + few drops grapeseed oil

Styling Technique: plopped with one dryer blast, pixie diffused, no upside down

First Impressions: got some funky waves and lots of volume verging on poof, put in my hairnet and diffused thru it some to dry more without poof/frizz, feels über soft.

Next day results: frizzy, rough, unhappy

New things to try:

Lynaea 05-03-2013 06:20 PM

5/1 bb volume, UR curly poo, dermorganic mousse, prev post 4/30
Dew point wash day: 65-67
Dew point next day: same
Interesting weather?: rain 48 hours 5/2-5/3

Cowash/Lowpoo: hair was really frizzy from prev day tried just BB co as RO but the grapeseed oil didn't cone out, felt oily, used U R Curly lowpoo, rinsed as soon as done lathering, has lots of slip so skipped other co's
Styler(s): DermOrganic (DO) mousse/foam

Styling Technique: pixie diffused and air dried,

First Impressions: undefined, messy, frizzy

Next day results: frizzy, braided and tamped down halo frizz with DO spray gel on wet hands. Frizz stayed away whole day, easily finger combed thru gel bits at end of day, mousse was a little harder, but not exactly sticky. 5/3 (super-rainy, dew 68 ) wet hands and used one squirt DO spray gel for length, repeated to get canopy, put in bun, took down after 3-4 hours = super wavy, smooth, soft hair, waves relaxed thru rest of day but still more wavy than most other attempts.

New things to try: MGSG + DO spray gel for definition plus smoothness and frizz fighting. Got a big box of stuff from the swap board including a sample of Boots curl creme, really excited to try that too though I know I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Lynaea 05-04-2013 06:36 PM

PT, AIA clarfying poo, SS PT, CIAB, DO sculpting spray
Dew point wash day: 68
Dew point next day: 59
Interesting weather?: still raining most of wash day

Cowash/Lowpoo: AIA clarifying poo, used this before makes hair feel stuck together, couldn't comb thru condish till I'd added a lot, and even then it was pulling some.
RO: PT with SS PT & SS Caitlin's condish, left on about 3 hours
Leave-in: small amount SS PT
Styler(s): CIAB, 3 sprays DO sculpting spray gel to combat minimal frizz and add smoothness & shine, really liking this stuff!

Styling Technique: combed thru leavein, rewet, combed part, scrunched and raked thru CIAB, scrunched w/ MFT, plopped 30 mins, pixie diffused a little more then halfway. Was drying a little rough and unruly, smoothed/scrunched in two squirts of DO SSG, didn't work well-too sticky, wet hands and added third squirt, definitely needs water.

First Impressions: holding well, soft hold, minimal crunch from gel, will wear out overnight, well defined but not super wavy, definitely respectable though.

Next day results: woke up with rough, producty feeling hair, blaming it on the CIAB for now, wave didn't hold very well either but that's what's happens when my hair feels icky and I keep trying to smooth/fix it.

New things to try: boots cream, MGSG + DO SSG, SS protein spray as LI instead of PT, CJ DailyFix (cowash), DO poo & co or masque, suave coconut, vo5 kiwi, ...

*** the CIAB was probably NOT the cause of the rough, icky hair this day, it was most likely the SS PT, there's something in it my hair doesn't like, can only use as a PT mixed with something else.

Lynaea 05-05-2013 08:00 PM

CJ DailyFix, SS protein spray, MGSG, DO SSG
Dew point wash day: 59
Dew point next day: 45
Interesting weather?: yeah, I'm trying to figure out a summer/high dew routine so now the dews are low again, yippee! :angry5:

Cowash/Lowpoo: Curl Junkie DailyFix, thinish consistency, easily spread, didn't need a ton, seems to clean well, left hair feeling moisturized and smooth but not heavy or coated, very impressed!
Leave-in: SS protein spray, 4 squirts worked into length and finger combed thru.
Styler(s): MGSG + DO SSG

Styling Technique: MGSG, 2 pumps worked into length and smoothed/raked thru, combed thru and did part. Scrunched in 3 squirts DO SSG to each side and mod-supersoaked, smoothed final squirt over canopy. MFT dried and plopped 30+ mins w/ one heat blast, pixie diffused to maybe 75% dry.

First Impressions: good wave/spirals at ends, better then CIAB, feels smooth/soft so far, some crunchy bits, not bad, happy so far.

Next day results: looked good last night but fell fast this morning as it always has in low dews, felt sticky/rough too, MGSG seems to be doing that, sigh, it feels good as long as I don't try to get my fingers through it. Will try a variation of this once dews are higher.

New things to try: combing hair straight back during styling, no part, not sure how I'll get clumping towards front? Protein leave-in + Boots cream or ??? I'm tired of the rough, sticky hair I can't get my fingers thru, gonna leave out all stylers and air dry next wash.

Lynaea 05-07-2013 06:20 PM

CJ DailyFix, DB pumpkin, SS protein spray, boots curl cream
Dew point wash day: mid 50's. :flower:
Dew point next day: 58
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: CJ DailyFix with some DB pumpkin + protein on the length just for the fun of it
Leave-in: protein spray
Styler(s): is this a styler?? Boots Curl Cream

Styling Technique: combed thru products and did a quick rinse to rewet, squeezed excess h2o out, shook out so bangs/canopy weren't stuck to head then rewet a bit by scrunching water back in, not to the point of big clumps, scrunched with MFT and plopped with one heat blast.

First Impressions: air dried so it was still pretty damp when I went to bed

Next day results: some volume, wavy at the top but last 6-8 inches is straight, shouldn't it be the opposite??? It was very soft and silky though.

New things to try: aloe gel on own and maybe mixed with curl cream or protein condish.
I made a hair appointment, think I'll get a couple inches taken off to get the crazy razor job and layers out and see how that works.

Lynaea 05-08-2013 07:55 PM

UR curly poo, Bunch of co's, volumax mega gel
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Okay so I was discussing my loose wave issue (complaining really) on the woes of a wavy thread and it was recommended that I try a hard hold gel so I picked up Volumax Mega, Tres gel (Tressemme), and Giovanni LA gel. When I wet my hair it felt odd so I had one of those lets-add-this-no-maybe-that-instead showers.

Dew point wash day: 58
Dew point next day: 61
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: UR Curly poo, made hair too oily so ...
RO: nickel of DO condish then lots of AO GPB
Leave-in: more DO condish
Styler(s): volumax mega gel

Styling Technique: put about dollar puddle of gel right on top of leave-in and combed all thru, did quick-rinse, squeezed out some. Flipped over to loosen canopy, scrunched and mod-soaked side-to-side. Plopped with heat blast, pixie diffused mostly dry, added one squirt DO SG over canopy with wet hands to smooth.

First Impressions: probably should have rinsed before gel, ended up with combo of fluffy/soft and hard crunchy, maybe need more gel or better distribution too. Wave formation and volume are good though, also very shiny. Will see.

Next day results: pic below is from morning, less volume and wave but still presentable, didn't hold up though. Need to work on gel application.

New things to try:

Lynaea 05-09-2013 06:32 PM

DO lowpoo, SS CC, SSI okra, Volumax
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Dew point wash day: 61
Dew point next day: 67
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: DO lowpoo; like this, lathers well yet feels slippy when using, rinsed clean without feeling too stripped or oily
RO: SS Caitlin's condish
Leave-in: SSI Okra condish
Styler(s): Volumax Mega gel

Styling Technique: okay so last night I didn't get good gel distribution so tonight I put in twice as much and tried to plop, hahaha! My hair was like a gooey helmet with bubbles and white oogy stuff. So I rinsed and tried again, Okra leave-in, scrunched out some water with a flour sack because my aquis has gel all over it now. :twisted:, flipped and shook to loosen canopy then scrunched in gel in nickel size portions side-to-side and upside down, plopped with heat blast. Added a bit more gel with wet hands when I took down plop (@30 mins), pixie diffused till my hair got so hard it wouldn't compress well then went over it a bit from the top down. Hair is crispy and moderately damp, I sure hope its dry in the morning cause I'm gonna have to SOTC regardless, there's no way I'm going to work like this!

First Impressions: my hair feels weird :geek: never had such crispy hair before, having trouble believing it will be anywhere near soft tomorrow. Also, both times I rinsed this gel out my hair felt weirdly coated and dried out, that's why I lowpoo'd 2nd day in a row, gonna research the ingredients.

Next day results: :blob8: OMG, I woke up with really wavy (crispy) hair, it scrunched out easily enough and my waves lasted the whole day! I even got two compliments!!! There was minimal frizz, got a little worse through the day though it was more like hairs that were escaping there clumps because of movement and touching it. I have to go to dinner with my Mom later so I added some DO spray gel with wet hands to calm it down some. I'll scrunch it out before I leave. I am super happy, and super peeved at myself for not trying a hard hold gel sooner.

New things to try: not sure about this gel, have two others to try and also interested in the Max Green sculpting gel, supposed to be similar to BRHG too (some threads/reviews compare gel I used to BRHG), Abba finish or style gels also look good, not sure about polyquats and peg-cones though.

Update after wearing all day, gel worked great, hair is still defined, shiny and looks good. Still want to try the Max Green gel when I can get my hands on it but I am really happy with the Volumax Mega and the price is great. Also, I looked up the first several ingredients and none were scary so I'm gonna stop worrying and be happy. Hahaha
Pic is from this morning after SOTC.

Lynaea 05-12-2013 05:52 PM

CJ DailyFix, SSI Okra, MGSG, VM gel
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Dew point wash day: 67
Dew point next day: 47
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: CJ DailyFix, really liking this, gonna have to buy a bottle soon (got a partial bottle off the swap board)
Leave-in: SSI Okra Condish
Styler(s): 2 pumps MG styling gel, 2 nickel sized dollops Volumax Mega gel

Styling Technique: combed thru leave-in & quick-rinsed, squeezed & raked one pump MGSG into length and combed second through from crown. Combed thru all and quick-rinsed. Flipped/shook to loosen canopy and used fingers to loosen bang area, scrunched in nickel dollop VM gel each side and flipped upside down to get back a bit and separated bangs and gave an extra squish. Removed excess water with MF towel and plopped w/ one heat blast. Added one nickel gel after plop and diffused till scalp era just damp and rest crunchy.

First Impressions: next morning: its way softer and less crunchy then last time, also shinier but less wavy (a bit). I left it slightly more damp after diffusing last night.

Next day results: waves looser, didn't hold up as well as last time. Several differences though; dew point much lower, I didn't diffuse as dry, I was rougher when SOTC, I touched it more, kept 'plumping' and breaking up rope curls throughout the day.

New things to try: getting a trim tomorrow, probably an inch or two to get rid of some of the layers, they make my ends too thin, also gonna try to get the front fixed into face-framing layers but I might have cut my 'bangs' too short already, will see.

Morning pic:

Lynaea 05-13-2013 05:51 PM

Water rinse, SSI okra, DO spray gel
Dew point wash day: 47
Dew point next day: 48
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: rinsed only
Leave-in: SSI Okra
Styler(s): DO spray gel

Styling Technique: same as past several days. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and if I use a lot of stylers they'll want to wash it so I went with the DO spray gel because it generally looks good and is easy to comb out. Plopped awhile then pixie diffused.

First Impressions: loose waves, combed out otherwise they'd be stringy by midday. Put in bun for morning.

Next day results: looked fine, loose waves. Hair cut went well, got about 2inches off to get rid of longest layers, they were making my ends look too thin, she also evened out and worked in my self-cut bangs a bit.

New things to try:. Grow out bangs....again!

Lynaea 05-14-2013 06:15 PM

DO low-poo, SS CC, SSI okra, VM gel
Dew point wash day: 48
Dew point next day: 55ish
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: DO low-poo
Leave-in: SSI okra
Styler(s): VM gel

Styling Technique: nickel dollops gel side-to-side and upside down after shaking canopy loose, clumps were small so supersoaked somewhat over zealously, dried, plopped with two heat blasts, hair was really wet. Diffused, hair was getting soft rather then crunchy so applied more gel with wet hands, diffused till crunchy.

First Impressions: super soaking really weakened holding power of gel, need to work on application technique.

Next day results: only length got crunchy, most of top was soft by morning, SOTC'd ok but have small clumps, looks kinda stringy, still pretty wavy by end of day.

Second day refresher: rewet most of hair with combo of wet wash cloth and mod-supersoaker and applied more gel side-to-side (nickel each), plopped w/ heat and diffused to crispy.

Second day results: hair didn't stay crispy overnight, SOTC'd more to fluff then to break up any crunch, clumps still small too, hair held the wave all day though and was super shiny. I think I need a sulfate wash, stylist sprayed my hair to wet it, had a scent so wasn't just water, length still felt super slick after low-poo. Wonder if DailyFix will remove cones? Time to investigate.

New things to try: rewet hair a bit after flipping/loosening but before applying gel, always apply more gel after plop. work on ways to get back underside, maybe put base coat of gel on in shower? Maybe SS CEJ or other?

Lynaea 05-17-2013 05:27 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Dew point wash day: 68
Dew point next day: 68
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: CJ DailyFix
Leave-in: SSI okra
Styler(s): MGSG, VM gel

Styling Technique: One pump MGSG in length after (pink) combing & quick-rinsing LI, 2nd finger combed throughout. Flipped/shook to loosen canopy, mod-SS before adding two nickels VM S2S (side-to-side), MF dried s2s & upside down, plopped w/ heat. Added dime more VM, pixie diffused to crispy-crunchy.

First Impressions: starting to like having crispy hair, it means I can't really mess it up..... If its not crispy I can accidentally pull out the wave or touch it too much and cause frizz, the crunch feels safe. :angel5:

Next day results: most of crunch came out overnight since I used the MGSG, SOTC'd what was left, hair really soft and shiny. No frizz most of day, got more loose/stray hair as day went on but not sure I'd call it frizz, wave definitely loosens faster than when i use VM gel by itself. Pic below is from this morning.

Second day refresh: I hesitate to call it a refresh because I wasn't going anywhere and didn't really care but I had some escaped hair type frizz this am so I wet my hands and smoothed over the canopy. It dried with a bit of crunch but that came out on its own throughout the day.

Second day results: looser wave, minimal frizz after smooth down above.

New things to try: I guess I should try the other two gels I bought but I'm really not wanting to, may just return them. I ordered the Max Green Sculpting Gel (have the Styling gel), should be hard hold and more natural then VM gel, should be here next week.

New_to_Curlz 05-18-2013 11:00 AM

Hi Lynaea! I remember we had similar properties from the wavy biographies so I have watched your journal for suggestions. Hope you don't mind me jumping in and asking you a question.
How are you liking the Volumax gel?
I was thinking about making some FSG this weekend and wonder if it will work like your okra gel. Have you ever used it? I guess I would use the FSG then gel on top?

Your hair looks great BTW :flower:

Lynaea 05-18-2013 01:50 PM

Hi New_to_Curlz,

I tried making / using FSG once and definitely needed something else for hold. I felt like it weighed down my hair some too but at that point everything was weighing me down so who knows. It's cheap to make and fairly easy once you get the hang of it.
I'm really liking the Volumax Mega Gel, it makes my hair really shiny and washes out easily ( the Mega is hard hold, there's a 'regular' strength too). It holds well when I use it alone, lasts the whole day and scrunches out fairly easily. It's also pretty cheap so its definitely worth giving it a try. The only gel ive tried with it is the Max Green Styling Gel, its more jelly like or a light hold gel, when i do that combo my hair is softer but loses wave faster. I got a trim last week so I'll have to post the new pics from this morning.
I've never made the okra gel although its tempting, I'm still not sure what it does exactly. I'm using SheScentIt Okra Conditioner as a leave-in, it's a protein heavy repairing condish, I'm really liking that so I will probably try the okra gel at some point.

Glad my crazy posts are helping someone. ;-)

New_to_Curlz 05-18-2013 05:54 PM

Thanks for the info! I will definitely have to get some this weekend. I also think I will try the FSG if I have time.

And yes they are definitely helpful :)

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