Battling the humidity. Product help

What products help battle frizz. I do the cg method and im willing to step out a little. This south Carolina humidity is killing my curls what products to use?

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Try the SM curl enhancing smoothie on your ends. It helps me battle the hellacious TX humidity. I use the smoothie on my ends & style as usual. But if the humidity is 75+, I put the smoothie on the section I'm styling root to tip. The style with the curl milk to keep down frizz.
Frizz usually means that your hair is dehydrated, so you might want to look into deep conditioning more. Being low porosity, humectants aren't a bad idea, especially in a dc that you're rinsing out. Give your hair as much conditioning as it can hold then seal it with a styler like a gel and the hair shouldn't try to grab for the air's moisture so much. With low porosity it's a process trying to get the moisture in but once it's in it's in. Stay consistent and it'll get better. Hth
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You might want to go to Sally Beauty and get some Volumax gel, what a difference it has made for me! My hair is long and I dont need much, so you would probably just need a small dab. I stay away from glycerin (creates frizz); and since, as a stylist told me, low porosity hair has a lot of protein in it, I stay away from protein in styling products, and conditioners.

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