Hair milks or leave ins?

I'm looking for a leave in for my fine, LP, wavy hair. I didn't realize there was a difference between hair milks and leave ins. What is the difference? Some of the ingredients look the same!
Any recs for my type would be great. I'm particularly interested in the SM Yucca Thickening Milk, or the other SM Milk. But I would probably need something light yet moisturizing (not too much protein).
I have lp hair that gets weighed down easy. I have to be mindful of how much of the Shea moisture curl milk I use. If not, the hair at the nape of my neck will straighten out after a few days.
I won't repurchase it because I can't use as much as I need because it will weigh down my hair.
Thanks curlicious. Do you have any recommendations?
I like the as I am leave in & the deva curl line. I got a deva cut last week & love the deva curl line, but the as I am line is a great alternative.
I use the SM C&S milk, and it's pretty good. I can't use too much, because I am LP too. I use about a dime to nickel size amount (for my short hair) and it's fine. I do have to low poo it out after repeated use for a week or two, though. I've been curious about the Yucca line, but since it's supposed to make your hair thicker, I wonder if it would weigh it down...

The difference between leave ins vs hair milks is all simply what is written on the label - it's just marketing. A leave in is not necessarily a conditioner, and some milks are conditioning, but not others. Just gotta look at the ingredients and see what your hair needs.
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