Which Meow Cosmetics shade do you wear?

I am thinking of trying Meow. I want more opaque coverage, but I'm concerned that Flawless formulas may look/feel too heavy. Does anyone get decently opaque coverage from Pampered formulas alone in just 1 layer? Needless to say, I need to try at least 1 sample in both formulas.

I am overwhelmed by the color choices. To the point that I just can't decide what my correct shade or tone is. So I keep delaying my sample order.

Also, is one sample bag in a shade enough for only 1 application, or can you use it a few times? Because then I am thinking that I need to order 2 bags (the max, I know) since I can never decide with just one wearing of a shade.

I wear Jane Iredale Satin in loose powder; JI Radiant in pressed powder. I think the Satin ends up being too orange on me by the end of the day.

Maybe on a BE forum I can find my equivalent (JI to BE) and then pick my shade in Meow from that. I will appreciate any recommendations or advice!
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I can only speak to the quantity issue. When I got samples of Meow, they gave enough for several uses.

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