They are castille soaps, but there is no longer any "soap" in them, because they have been saponified. Castille soaps generally have a very high PH, but these products have an added acidic ingredient (citric acid) to bring down the PH to a neutral level. I have found them both to be great cleansers without any drying or irritation and they don't harm the skin barrier.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
It's great you've found cleansers that work for you. Everyone's skin is different and sometimes it takes years to find what works. Congrats!!

I just wanted to clear something up for you...Castile soap is true soap--the name means it is made from vegetable oils rather than animal fats. Saponification is the process by which soap is made. Oils are saponified using water and sodium hydroxide (bar soap) or potassium hydroxide (liquid soap) and soap is formed. You're right, soap does have a very high pH-- usually around 9, skin pH is 5/6. Even superfatted soap (soap with unsaponified oils) can strip your skin.

I'm not saying soap is bad. I'm saying soap and essential oils/fragrances are bad for me. For you, soap & 70 essential oils (in the rose hip seed soap) may be the miracle you need.

It's a shame that you're so anti-Cetaphil. I don't know if you ever used it really is gentle-- the SLS is in a less than 1% concentration-- it has no lather, doesn't clean very well and is actually pretty moisturizing. Plus it has no color, fragrance or EOs. For people with dry or sensitive skin, it can be great. Doctors continue to recommend it because it works for many people. If you have oily skin, you probably will hate it because it doesn't remove oil well. If you have SLS sensitivity, it might cause problems but for me it's great.

tgreyz-- SLS and ALS are abrev. for common detergents/surfactants in cleansers & shampoos. sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate. sodium lauryl sulfate is condsidered one of the harshest-- this is the detergent in Cetaphil which started the uproar.

curlsrock1105-- I'm so sorry your thread went so far off course!! I hope your new found routine works out for you!!
3a/b mix
Bogus! First off, the one for oily skin has coconut oil in it--a number 4 on the comedogenic scale!!!

The coconut oil has been saponified, so it's no longer got the oil properties that it originally had.

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