Make up help! for 15 year old with acne?

Okay I am a 15 year old girl. I have never worn make up or anything like it ever. I have only just started really caring about my appearance. I really want to start wearing make up. The only problem is I have acne. I don't know how bad it is well I do but I don't know how to describe it to you.
I really want to try and hide the acne as much as possible.
Like what sorta make up is best for that?
Like brand names and stuff?
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Merry - you don't want to wear too much makeup to hide the acne. makeup can make it worse and can make it LOOK worse too.

concentrate on getting your skin clear - there are lots of threads here about what people use for that.

stick with the basics for now - mascara from Cover Girl or Maybelline, coloured lip glosses like Cover Girl Wet Slicks, Maybelline Shine Sensation or L'Oreal Colour Juice.

for everyday wear, try a simple eye liner in a neutral colour like a brown, dark green or purple. Milani Cosmetics copies a lot of the colours of MAC Cosmetics at a price that i think you'll like. they also have a cream eye shadow that would work for special occasions like going to dances.
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Many people find that their skin has cleared after switching from traditional liquid foundations to mineral makeup. If you've never worn makeup I don't know that mineral makeup would help; however, I don't think it would make it any worse either. So you might look into Bare Minerals for your foundations.

For eyeshadows and such, the ELF brand is pretty good. And NYX is OK too.

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I agree, I absolutely LOVE Bare Minerals. I love eye-shadows from ELF as well.
Best mineral foundation- bare minerals
Best lip gloss- buxom
Eye linear- urban decay
Bronzer- too faced
Eye shadow- Mac
Mascara- drug store brands

From drug store:
CG new nautre luxe

Or loreal
Btw if u want the best for acne get bare minerals
I agree with first getting your face clear and also skincare is much more important that makeup, and its very important for suncare as well especially now whilst you're young it'd be good to start a good routine..

I suggest go to a dermatologist and see what they can give you for acne and advice on skincare.. I went on the pill and cleared my skin within months .. also use non comedogenic foundation.. revlon colorstay is very good but I found I never got the perfect shade..

You should always take your makeup off every night as well without fail. So its very important to get a good cleanser, I'm in australia but apparently cetaphil is v popular in the u.s.. try to research on the net as makeup and beauty is not cheap, if you invest in your skin now you might not even have to wear too much makeup, but first skin and sucare!!
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Cetaphil is actually pretty harsh on skin - something gentler would be better. stripping your skin of every bit of oil only makes it want to produce MORE oil!
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Hello love! Most important look you want to avoid:

Caking on makeup (powder or liquid) over acne which basically makes your face look like (don't get offended but i just need you to get a good visual): A bumpy surface that's all one color instead of blotchy.

Not good. Trust me.

So my advice for you, my dear, would be to first take care of your acne. Steer clear of sodas and junk food. Eating healthy is DEFINITELY evident on one's face! If you want to wear any makeup at all I would suggest:

Dark brown mascara
Light application of eyeliner
Tinted lip balm

If you must cover-up then spot treat!

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Guys have always told me that looking at a clean face with a few pimples and blackheads is always nicer than looking at a cake-face!
I wish I would have known about the oil cleansing method when I was a teen. I used to use such harsh products to heal my acne and it just left my skin flaky and gross.

I use a mix of castor oil and olive oil to clean my face and I use a warm washcloth to cleanse away dirt and makeup. My skin is finally clear and glowy.

I would stay away from heavy foundation. They make nice tinted moisturizers that are light and have spf. I like the one from covergirl. A light coat of mascara and some sheer lip gloss would be flattering but not too over the top.

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