I'm a very long-time lurker, and just recently broke down and registered - just to try to contact the fountain of wisdom RCW. And all those of you who've followed the RCW method.

From what I can tell, it looks like the latest formulation of the RCW method is basically:

DMAE - if you are using this - wait 15 to 30 minutes
BHA - wait 30 minutes
Vit C - wait 10 minutes
HA and emo oil or jojoba oil

BHA - if needed - wait 30 minutes
HA and emo oil or jojoba oil if needed

I'm 30 and have decently clear, somewhat oily skin. Starting to notice undereye wrinkes. Any variations to this method that you'd recommend for me would be much appreciated! (I recently realized that I've been doing everything right with my hair, but everything wrong with my face!)

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