Went to the MAC counter!!!

I went shopping yesterday and one of the stores sold MAC. So, I had to sit down and have them match me. It looked wounderful. The make-up is so nice! The guy that did my make-up was prettier than me. He had his make-up done so nice. Anyway, I bought some concealer, foundation, powder and a eyeliner. My skin looks really nice. I was also suprised at how enxpensive it was. Thanks to Roqu I am now hooked! I was to chicken to try BE or any powder like that. I wanted someone to match me in person. I am happy with my purchases.

welcome to the club!

resistance is futile!

you WILL be assimilated!!!!

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Congrats on your MAC purchases! I'm so excited for you! I love MAC! It's one of my fave makeup brands. I just love their products and color selections for everything. I think their pricing is fine, it's better than some of the higher end brands. And I love how creative their makeup artists are-especially the guys!! I love asking them for help when I go. Well have fun with your stuff and I'm sure you'll be back for more!!!
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It IS addictive! I was just on the MAC website and I found 100 more things I now want. Their salespeople are always really nice and helpful, not pushy whatsoever. Think I'm going to stop after work one of these days....
Glad you like it!

To quote wild_sasparilla:
'Thou shaketh it a little and it feeleth alright.'
I agree they weren't pushy at all!! He fixed me up really nice. Even though I didn't buy any lotion or blush he put it on me. He wrote down everything he used on me. They also, explained to me the recycling program when you take in 6 empty items you get a free lipstick. He was so nice. Even though I am small town and a bit of a hillybilly. I think he knew that I loved makeup.

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