Which peel is better?

Makeup artists Chouce 40% lactic acid peel

or Larachem's 40% lactic acid peel

Not sure why but the Larachem is cheaper. Maybe because it doesn't come with a ph prep solution? Is that needed?
Anyone? Are they pretty much the same?
if i'd tried either one, i could help you.

but i haven't!

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I've ordered both the 40% glycolic and 55% lactic acid peel from Makeup Artist's choice and like them both. But comparing those two the one from Larachem is a little stronger because the PH is lower. It's nice to have the PH prep solution though, it gets the skin ready for the peel, makeup artist peels come with full instructions which is nice.

I got the 1/2 oz sample size of each the lactic and glycolic and it's more than plenty, because all you need are drops, maybe 6 drops of the peel for the whole face. Also if you're just starting out, I'd would opt for the higher PH peel, don't want to start too fast too soon. I do it once a week and I have more than 80% of each of the bottles still left. Although been lazy and skipped a few peels here and there. It's probabaly been a few months since I've had them. I've moved up to about 15-20 min on each of the peels so it may be time for me to move up to a TCA peel. Hope this helps.

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