Paula Choice?

Besides online, is it available in any retail store?
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not that i know of.....i just wait to order when they have free or reduced shipping. i only order about twice a year and i only use the treatment stuff, not the cleansers or the moisturizers or makeup so it works for me...

good luck. best treatment stuff around i think!
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Thanks...maybe I'll order online...I need more of the trtmt stuff also. I heard it is a great line.
3B very thick, curly hair and on the longer side
Palm Beach County, Fl
She's offering 10% off orders for the month of January, I think.

Love her stuff!
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Why is shipping so SLOW from Paula's Choice? I've ordered from the site twice, and each time it took 2 weeks or longer to get the single item that I ordered. And I paid full shipping and it wasn't that cheap, either!

It's hands down the slowest delivery I've ever seen from an internet shop, and I hate that because I'm always afraid it's lost/not shipped, I'll have to file a claim whatever.
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they have it on too......
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