Having good luck with jojoba and bp

I tried the acne.org regimen but after awhile my skin started breaking out worse due to the moisturizer. Thanks to wntrbloom I found out that jojoba is a great moisturizer and it doesn't break me out. About a week ago I decided to start using bp to treat my acne and have been having great luck with a combination of the two.

Even in places on my face that seem relatively clear I have had fine acne. And my chin had been breaking out severely for about 2 months straight. Most of the fine acne is gone and my chin is finally clearing up along with the rest of my face. Hopefully this continues to work in the summer time, when it is hotter and I break out more.

I use a few drops of jojoba oil at night time. Then a little while later apply 2.5% bp gel (from acne.org) to my whole face. Then go to sleep and wash off in the morning. So far so good.
I love jojoba oil. As they say oil regulates oil. Since Jojoba mimics your natural production of sebum it won't break you out and will regulate your oil production.
Interesting. And the dermatologist I just saw yesterday told me I can't use ANYTHING with oil of any kind in it-- cleansers, moisturizers, makeup... Of course, I have been using oil-free products for many many years since I have oily T zone and get acne.

I'll have to ask him what he thinks about jojoba oil when I go back to him in 2 weeks.

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I was very apprehensive about putting oil on my face. As a society we have been conditioned to believe that oil is the devil. But I tried it and it has really worked. I have oily skin and my skin seems to be less oily since using the jojoba oil.
Oils could really be good, but jojoba isn't really an oil. It's more like a wax that is just often called an oil.

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