Makeup for eye color... Specifically hazel..

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Hey so I always see makeup tips that talk about makeup to compliment eye color. They'll list complimenting colors for blue green brown ect. but never hazel.. So what colors compliment hazel eyes?? Specifically yellowish goldfish light brown mossy green navy bluish eyeballs... Thanks
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the purple shades that compliment green eyes often work quite well on hazel eyes. if you have a lot of blue flecks, try pink shades.
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I also have hazel eyes but mine have mostly all green in them. A lot of colors flatter hazel eyes. The only the color that does not flatter hazel eyes is blue. Blue actually does the opposite effect to people with hazel eyes. I really like bronze and gold eye makeup colors. It brings out all the colors that are in hazel eyes. Browns flatter the eye color for a natural color. Especially mocha color shades. Pinks, purples mauves are good if you want to bring out the green in your eyes. Greens are also great colors. If you want a dramatic look then teal is a good color to bring out the eye color. If your eyes have a lot of brown tones in it then grey, charcoal, beige and tan. If your eyes have a lot of blue in them they look copper, silver, black, turquoise, grey and brown. If your eyes have a lot of green in them then champagne, peach, apricot, beige, taupe and brown. I hope this helps you.
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My eyes are dark hazel and I appreciate all this great advice. I agree, blue is the only color that looks really bad as eyeshadow on my lids. I'm interested to try some of your suggestions! (both posters).
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