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Mine are hereditary I am pretty sure. I've had them for as long as I remember. My mom has them, my dad, and my brother all have them.

Now, my question is, is there anything I can do to reduce it?

I bought this cream from Sally's
Claudia Stevens - Claudia Stevens Dark Circle Eye Treatment
I am using it, hoping it will work but not really expecting anything to work.

Also, I've been getting into make up and skin care more. I always see eye creams... do I need one? I am almost 21 and the eye creams I've seen tend to be geared towards older women. But I am not sure.
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I think there are laser treatments available. But other than that, there's nothing you can do to reduce them.
If they're genetic, the only thing you can do is try to minimize them and invest in a good concealer to cover up what won't go away. To minimize them, make sure you're drinking enough water and sleeping enough. I've also found pressing a cold spoon (pop in the freezer overnight) or freezing paper towels to make a mini mask really effective on days where my circles are dark and kinda puffy.

Some people say sleeping on your back on an elevated pillow helps as well, but I hate sleeping on my back so I can't really vouch for that.

Hope this helps!

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I use a bruise cream that has arnica gel in it. I have hereditary dark circles and bags that are worsened by allergies. I have tried many creams and potions but they didn't do anything. I was watching the doctors and they recommended arnica gel. I tried it and it does give me some improvement. More improvement then anything else I've tried.
I have the same problem. I found that the best concealer for me is Estée Lauder's Double Wear Concealer. All the creams and gels I tried didn't really help. As said before, drink a lot of water and use a good moisturizer for your skin. That should be enough for your age.

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Yes, I think you should look into eye creams. Look for one that has vitamin k in it. It won't totally fix it but it will make the area seem brighter, and of course moisturized. Using eye cream daily will help keep it from looking worse. Just choose one that is fairly lightweight since your skin is younger.

Concealer is also definitely important. If the undereye area is really dark and your regular concealer shade isn't providing enough coverage, you may want to look into a color corrector. Bobbi Brown, MUFE, and MAC do great ones. And don't forget to set it very well with powder.

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I've always had dark circles and I think eye creams are a waste of money. The best thing you can do is get a good concealer for eyes. Make sure you match the shade so it's not too light. There are also color correctors with a yellow tone that you put under the concealer - the corrector offsets the darker color of your circles. Other than these solutions, cosmetic fillers like juvederm and restalyne can work - depends on whether your circles are dark because of pigment or thin skin that shows a lot of blood vessels.
For now, I wouldn't bother with eye creams. Save your money for a really good concealer!
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I have dark circles too but mine didn't get bad or noticeable until about a year ago when I had really bad allergies.. Which was Weird cuz before then I never had allergies either.. Mine aren't hereditary, no one else in my family has this problem but me.. I haven't tried any methods to try and get rid of them tho.. Didn't think it could be fixed

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I have dark circles too but mine didn't get bad or noticeable until about a year ago when I had really bad allergies.. Which was Weird cuz before then I never had allergies either.
Originally Posted by CurlyTee21
Each time you're exposed to something, there's a chance that you'll become allergic to it. The more times you're exposed, the likelier it is that you'll develop an allergy to it. So allergies can develop at any point in your life.
With color correctors, you want to go with peachy/salmon shades if your under eye circles are more blue than purple. If more purplish, then yellow will help mask them the most.

I have this problem too and recently found a product that actually makes a considerable difference. Also I'm no longer selling Avon (of which the product is) so I can talk it up unabashedly

The cruddy thing is that Avon appears to have discontinued it, and it's only available in limited supply through outlets like Amazon instead.

Anyway, here's a link to someone's review of the product with details. I'm intending to snatch some up before it's totally off the market. It was also well received in the reviews through Avon's site and on makeupalley.com.
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ive found that evening primrose oil is great for mine, i use it every night after my shower n bla bla, they always seem to be a bit less the next morning when i use it. i use the oil all over my face but am really gentle under my eye area

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I have under eye circles too. They are hereditary. Unlike a lot of other people, they are greenish in hue, not blue or purple. It's very difficult finding concealer or a corrector that will work. Everything will lighten the area up but I'll end up looking ashy, washed out, and/or sick.

I'm thinking of just accepting them.
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nana_banana, if you're circles are green you should try a concealer that has a pinkish hue.
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I've been trying to find one but I can't really. Although I did find a pink corrector stick at Sally's. I'm going to buy it soon.
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