How to make eyes look more almond shaped?

I want my eyes to look more almond shaped like Asian eyes. My eyes are so big and rounded. How can I at least make them look smaller and have more of an almond shape? Is it possible without surgery? I tried some of the tips online like applying white eyeshadow to the crease and pointing my eyeliner upward at the edges. They don't work. Is there anything I can do?
cat eyes liner techniques can help.

but i'm concerned that you don't seem to appreciate what you have - a lot of people with small eyes would like to have big ones. it's just like straight-haired people want to be curlies.

make the most of your natural beauty and don't try to fight it.
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Tx Rouqinne. I want something different b/c people tease me about my eyes. They call them bug eyes. They don't as much now but they used to in middle school a lot. I went to a small school and didn't fit in as well there. Some ppl say my eyes are beautiful and I don't want a permanent change. I just love the look of that eye shape and because my eyes wouldn't be so "glaring" that way. I did some eyeliner last night all the way around my eye with white shadow. Its still on now actually - I tried to remove it for school but I don't have makeup remover and Noxzema didn't work! I think it does help and doesn't look too much b/c I'm not allowed to wear heavy makeup like a cats eye for school anyway. But thanks for your kindness!
it's actually the illusion that you can give your eyes with liner,not that it has to be heavy. a thin line drawn out and winged up can be as effective as anything Amy Winehouse ever did.

Noxema isn't a good choice for makeup remover - the eucalyptus oil in it can really hurt your eyes. even a bit of olive oil is better than that.
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Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!
EDIT: This belongs in the thread in Non-Hair Discussion. I didn't realize there were 2 threads with the same title in 2 different places...sorry for being off-topic!

I just want to apologize quickly in case my comment was misunderstood. I've been frustrated with my own eyes and the heavy skin that gets lower and lower and post may have seemed to be mocking the poster, but I was kind of mocking myself.

It's great to "change" your look - and fun!

Mica - I do hope you're reading all the new posts you've gotten!

Unclear pic - but sometimes that skin droops right over my eyes...
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