Ph blanced Skincare

I recently have learned about the importance of Ph when it comes to skin care. None of my current products say what there ph is. I decided that my skin needs a gentle balanced ph regimen because its irritation/ance/dryness prone. Has anybody tried Phisoderm? They advertise to be Ph balanced and i see these products at every drugstore.
Anybody tried any of the face washes or the body wash and noticed improvement? Or can anyone suggest any other products that are ph balanced that an be found at right aid, cvs, or target?

Another thing is Apple cider vineger, can it really balance the skins PH after cleansing?
I can not speak on phisoderm. If I remember correctly I tried it years ago, but it did not work well with my skin. That in no way means it wouldn't with yours.

I can speak on ACV. It is the best toner I have ever used in my life! It does ph balance the skin, and you can mix it according to your skin type. That is a major bonus.

ACV found on grocery store shelves is NOT what you want. You would need to purchase organic ACV, with "mother". This can be found in health food/whole food stores and it has to be refrigerated.

Methods of applying are (and always shake well with both): wetting a cotton pad or ball with distilled water, and putting drops of ACV on it. I have sensitive skin and have been prone to breakouts on my chin. I put one to two drops of ACV on the pad, and rubbed. I recommend you start out with this method, and only 1 to 2 drops. You can adjust, add more ACV, to fit your skin type later. When I figured out the best ratio for my skin, I did method 2: mix ACV with distilled water in small spray bottle and keep it refrigerated. I shake, spritz a pad (or 2 or 3) and go.

I kept it simple at first. Only one application a night. I was amazed at how well it worked and how nicely it diminishes the size of pimples, and scars. To use as a spot treatment I hold the pad/ball on a pimple or scar for 1 min.

2 things you never want to do: Put straight ACV on your face or get it super close to your eyes.

I hope this helped.

*Note: the ACV smell will dissipate a few min. after applying. It really did not bother me much, and even less after a few uses.
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