What's in my water?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone might have the answer to an odd situation I have come upon. At home (we have hard water) my skin is terrible. Breakouts on my face, back, and scalp, and very oily. Last week I was on a cruise and my skin was fantastic. It wasn't oily, I didn't breakout, it was great. What's the difference? Is cruise ship shower water filtered? Any help would be great!!!!!!
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It very well could be the water. We have a water softener at home and my skin and hair love it. When we go visit my parents and I have to shower in their extremely hard water my face and skin are miserable! I've taken to bringing bottled water with me to wash my face and hair. Otherwise my rosacea flares up and my hair is dry and frizzy.
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It could also be that you were exposed to more sun than normal. Sun exposure can temporarily clear acne.

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