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Anyone have any tips for applying cream eyeshadows? I read that applying with your fingertips is ideal, but I got horrible results applying like that. Is there a particular brush or is it just fingertips. I did apply an eye primer too thinking it would such luck for me.

If using your fingers doesn't work, I recommend using an eye shading brush like a MAC 239. And since cream shadows tend to be more pigmented, i would suggest blending it out with a blending brush like a MAC 217.
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What brand of cream eyeshadows are you usings? I've found that some just aren't good while some really are. Maybe try what Rimi said and also some cream eyeshadows, much like cream foundations, need to be set with a powder. So if you have a similar powder eyeshadow color you could try pressing that right over the cream to set it.
I apply my cream eyeshadows with a small concealer brush and then blend out with a shader/crease brush. This works well for me because I tend to use cream shadows as a one shot deal.

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