Baking soda!!!!!

I used baking soda on my skin mixed with water and j get a really odd burning sensation on my whole face it feels like my dace is being eaten by the baking soda is that good or bad?:/
Baking soda as a facial exfoliant is so commonly-recommended on various frugal-living websites - ugh! Some people are OK with it, but I found myself that it is EXTREMELY harsh on skin, even with very light pressure with using it as a physical scrub. Plus it really dries and messes with the pH of one's skin as it's extremely alkaline, and the skin is naturally supposed be slightly acid. But back to the harshness on your skin, do NOT use this again, and if you have it on now, wash it RIGHT off, seriously and apply a very weak dilution of raw apple cider vinegar and water(like a couple of teaspoons of ACV to a couple of ounces of water and splash on face before applying something very soothing and that will repair your skin's barrier, like CeraVe Cream, or unrefined shea butter. Hope this helps!
It's a bad thing.

I used to use it as well. And it was a great exfoliant. But after a few months of using it I started developing seborrheic dermatitis. I don't know if there is a definite connection, but the timing seems right. Twenty years later and I still am fighting the SD.

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About a week ago I had a lot of build up from co-washing with oily conditioners, and since I had decided not to use shampoo, I thought baking soda would be a good option. However, it seeped onto my forehead and really irritated it. I would never use it on my face on purpose for this reason. Like a fellow curly already responded, it is extremely alkaline and skin is naturally slightly acidic.

I recommend just exfoliating with a cloth. Oils can clean faces very well, and they are so moisturizing! Just be sure to avoid mineral oil, which is pore-clogging and not an organic substance. My favorite is unprocessed coconut oil. You can cleanse with it and rub it off, then add more as a moisturizer.

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