My nose please answer!!!!:s

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So my nose is actually not that big but it looks huge on my face it even leaves a shadow :S can some one please help anything I can do????
Go on YouTube and watch some make up videos that show you how to properly contour your features...nose, cheekbones, etc. I seen one video titled Cheap Nose Job, however, just do a search on Make up Contouring. Hope this helps.
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Contouring can be tricky though and do you really want to go through all that trouble? I'd say focus on playing up the features that you like best about yourself – eyes, lips, ears (w/ nice earrings). Your nose is part of who you are!
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Okay thank you so much everybody yes your right and I saw a thing fo a nose huge looks kinda scary and weird though don't even know ifbitbwoukd work

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