Makeup for dark brown hair

If I were to go to my natural dark brown hair color what makeup colors and methods will help me avoid looking pale? I am 27, I work in a corporate environment, and I have olive skin with black eyebrows and dark brown eyes.
For olive skin, cool tones are good. Since you have brown eyes, you could use pretty neutral tones too. Stay away from warm colors, warm browns, and corals. Since your colouring is pretty high contrast, i'd stay away from pastels too and focus on darker colors. A dark cool brown would probably be a good staple eyeshadow for you, and a wine red for the lips. Also to avoid looking pale use a bronzer in addition to or instead of blush.
Not all olive skin tones are cool - some are warm-neutral. I'm in this category being NC 25, so not dark though. I do agree with the bronzer instead of blush. Higher-contrast between skin and hair can usually go with some bolder makeup looks in general. Smoky-type of eyes can look fabulous, done in neutral tones, or leaning a bit cool for more drama. Rich lip colors like wines, deeper mauves, browned reds can all look wonderful.
I think the key to any great makeup is finding the right formula, foundation, concealer and powder. I disagree about using a bronzer as a blush. Bronzers as blush can be very dull on the skin tone. All skin tones need brighteness on the skin tone. It helps lifts up the skin while creating a nice healthy flush to the cheeks. It also looks way more natural and youthful. For the cheeks I would suggest an apricot shade which flatters every skin tone. Also, bronze, brownish rose, corals and warm pinks. For your eyes you will look amazing in sapphire blue, deep forest green, warm plums, eggplant, warm tawny pink, gold, bronze, copper, burgundies, sparkling browns. For highlight a pink gold or a pale gold. It will create a luminous glow to your skin tone. Lastly lips, sheer blood red, golden berry shimmer, golds, bronze, peachy apricot, corals, sheer shimmery nudes and warm pinks.
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