Meow Cosmetics recs?

Hey everyone!

I know a lot of people here are fans of Meow Cosmetics, and I'm thinking about finally checking them out. Before I order samples, I'd like to know what everyone likes from there.

I'm not looking for foundation (I am happy with Bare Minerals), so I am mostly talking about blushes, eye shadows, and bronzers. I'm also curious about their glow powder and finishing powder.

And also, how big are the samples? Is it enough to be able to really judge the product?

Thanks in advance!
I don't have any recommendations, but their sample sizes are pretty decent. Im almost positive it's a teaspoon amount. They almost always have a sale on, but you have to sign up for the emails to get them. I would definitely do that to check for deals before you order! HTH
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I really love their Priemiere Puss Primer. They make one for oily skin and one for combination skin. I LOVE this stuff! Naturally, I have super oily skin that I SOME HOW got under half way decent control through my acne treatments but I still get a bit of oil around in my T-zone area. And every since I started using this product (I use the one specifically for oily skin).. it's been a HUGE difference and my makeup stays on much longer. I even sweep a bit across my eyelids to sort of "set" my eyeshadow primer. I've always had a serious problem with my eyeshadow and eyeliner lasting into the evening. But things have done a big turn around since I started sweeping this stuff on my lids right after using my regular shadow primer.

It doesn't irritate my skin (which is sensitve and acne prone). And the one for oily skin doesn't contain mica. So I just sweep this across my face before I apply my mineral foundation (I use bare Minerals MATTE). It has really surpassed all my expectations.

It really proved itself this past Friday. I didn't have a lot of time before shul because I had been busy all I couldn't really do much to freshen up my makeup besides re-apply my lipstick and slap on a little of my mineral setting powder. Well I didn't get home until after 10pm and I had applied my makeup around 9am that day. Honey, when I got home and looked in the mirror.. my face still looked good. And I KNOW it was that primer because I've been in that situation before.. used other primers and by the time I got makeup didn't look so rubbed all off.. some of it sliding around. UGH!

But this stuff REALLY is amazing.

In my opinion Meow gives nice size samples. I hate the baggies they come in..but I understand. Really you can't go wrong with any of their stuff. All of it is nicely pigmented, they are always having a sale, and in my opinion they have good customer service. Just pick the colors you think will look great on you and go for it!
Thank you for your replies! I can't wait to try Meow out, and I will definitely look into the products you recommended, Marah.

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