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Anybody out there have really curly eyelashes? I have a bunch of extra curly lashes that like to go wonky and poke me in the eye. There are two in particular I used to pluck (ouch!) but it seems as if I have more extra wonky curlies than I used to so that isn't an option. I am not about to perm my eyelashes so does anyone have any advice about what to do?
maybe you could try using a lash curler to sort of straighten out your lashes then apply mascara to "set it". i have one that is tight and narrow and i've noticed it can straighten or lengthen my lashes easily by the style. i couldn't find a pic of it online but it's not the typical lash curler.
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^^ Interesting. I was thinking wet your lashes a lot with warm water and press then downward with you eyes shut with a towel and hold for a bit.
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this is the eyelash curler i have. it says preo. i'm certain i bought it in a store and not online but can't remember where or for how much. basically depending on where you press down it's really effective on your lashes. i think it might be able to straighten your curly lashes. heat helps so you might be able to run it under hot water for extra effects.
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please recycle, it matters...
i change lives...through fitness
i'm more relaxed being natural
Too curly? I can't believe this a problem. I love curly lashes even I follow some natural way to curl eyelash. You can use mascara on your lashes, it theoretically should weight them down. Might get a little messy though.
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