Hey ladies,

Makeupmania.com is having a promo going on for the month of August. On the 14th and 15th, they will be taking 10% off your order with the coupon code, AUGONE. There will be other promos later on this month.

I took up this opportunity to stock up on La Femme rouges. If anyone is wondering about their product, they are fairly cheap and extremely pigmented. I bought the empty pan (which holds 12 pans and is magnetized) and three blushes. I highly recommend these products.

Also, I recommend trying Ben Nye's face powders. The Banana Luxury powder is excellent and Makeup Mania is having a promo for the product. Use code LUVBEN and you can buy the 3 oz. jar for $9. This is a great deal, since the 1.5oz. jar is typically $7 (it's still a lot of product).

Kim Kardashian uses the Banana powder and I also own that one and the Topaz face powder. They are EXCELLENT. They give a beautiful and natural finish. I highly recommend these products as well.

Here's my favorite YT guru's review on La Femme, it's worth the buy! They're only $3 a pan.
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