best bar soap for face

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I've been trying cetaphil bar(not antibac)and dove unscented and both are okay,can't really decide
which one i like best.
are there any others out there you would recommend?
anyone prefer dove over cetaphil or vise versa?

what is "black soap",i've never seen it anywhere,just heard of it..

I've tried liquid facial washes but almost all of them burn my cheeks(mild rosacea).

i've also heard bar soaps can clog your pores but don't know if thats true or not,my mom uses Zest of all things on her face,and never a clogged pore.
my skin is very sensitive and can break out easily.less is better for my skin.
I like dove sensitive bars. They make me feel clean without that dry or itchy feeling (have sensitive skin too). My sister uses cetaphil on my niece with mild eczema. It's good too but I think dove is a keeper for me.
I also like Dove. Cetaphil is very gentle but I never felt that it really cleaned my face if I was wearing makeup.
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Thank you! with the cetaphil i did sometimes notice a slight film on my skin after i washed that I don't with dove...i think
i will just stick with dove,its half the price too!
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Hands down, shea moisture black soap is the best thing to ever touch my face. Ever. And I have very sensitive skin.

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Hands down, shea moisture black soap is the best thing to ever touch my face. Ever. And I have very sensitive skin.
Originally Posted by Alice_42
I tried this based on a "miracle product" review I saw on a blog and it was just too much for my face/body. It left little burn scabby marks on my chin and cheeks after one week of usage (so obviously I had to stop). I don't have sensitive skin either. I was so upset. It seemed so promising. Lol.

But yeah, the only bar soap I could use on my face (I don't use soap anymore though) is the unscented Dove Beauty Bar.

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