Salon facials

I've never had a facial at a salon before and was wondering what they do. Do they draw all the bad stuff out of pores? Do your pores get smaller (specifically on your nose)? At a facial do they recommend a skin care regiment for your skin type?

Or do they just massage your face and put a mask on it with cucumber slices over the eyes like on TV ?

Basically I'm just curious if it's worth trying once or if it's a waste of money.

On the other hand, what kind of over the counter products do you use that work well? I just use soap, water and moisturizer. I don't know if you are supposed to do a scrub every so often or use a mask or anything like that. Any input is appreciated!
I have had only one facial in my life, so I'm no expert, but here is a quick summary of what they did at mine....

- Lots of steam to open the pores
- Several different masks - she'd paint it on, let it sit, clean it off
- The only bad part - she used some sort of utensil to dig the 'gunk' out of my pores, and it hurt like mad. She was extracting the gunk out of the pores on my forehead and I wanted to cry. However, the results were great, and I don't have the same pimple problem on my forehead as I did prior to the facial.

All in all it was great for my skin, it felt so soft and smooth afterward. My pores did seem smaller afterward, but the effects aren't long term. She did recommend a skin care routine, but it was using the products they sell at the salon, of course. I'd get another facial again if it were under the same circumstances (I received a gift certificate from my fiance -- I can't afford it otherwise).

I have currently found Johnson & Johnsons Clean and Clear Pore Cleanser (Cleanser with micro scrubbers) - I LOVE it. It gets rid of dry skin, cleanses my pores, and makes my skin soooooooooft!

Hope that helps!

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