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UltraViolette 12-21-2012 04:49 PM

So the holidays are coming up in only DAYS! :happy4: And I'm sitting here, now on break from school since midterms are finally over, and I can't decide on what to do with my nails! Anyone else having this problem? Or have you fellow curlies already decorated your nail beds with festive colors?

Plus I'm on the lookout for new dark, winter-y colors for upcoming January and February! Have any of you found any to-die-for colors or designs?

P.S. I've been trying to do the tape-technique for stripes but when I pull off the tape, the line is perfect but the base color is peeled off >.< any advice?

The New Black 12-21-2012 05:43 PM

I'm doing this tonight: Nailside: Tutorial: Abstract Christmas tree design

Curlyminx 12-21-2012 05:52 PM

UltraViolette 12-22-2012 11:40 AM

Ah! Thanks for the link Curlyminx! I have an obsession with discussing nail art with others ^.^ I'll be jumping over to that thread!

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