how do u give a an illusion of a diff colour?

i ave brown eyes but they look hazel
with light close up
is there a way to bring out the hazel?
very thick brown 3b/3c curls
I have light brown eyes with flecs of yellow and green in them with a dark brown ring around them,kinda funky.People really notice the color when I wear eyeliner on my lower lash line.I usually try to find a very,very dark green.Like so dark that at first glance youll think its black.Black works too but not as well.When I do this I just put some mascara on and maybe a light,shimmery eyeshadow in a muted tone.For me that really makes my eyes 'pop',as they say.HTH
My eyes are like this too. They are golden khaki green with a golden brown star shape around the black dot thing and a dark brown rim. Similar to AfroSheen's eye color, it sounds like. The Clinique girl said they were hazel when I was first skin printed, back in the day.

If I use dark brown, black or purple it brings out the khaki green. If I use dark green or khaki it brings out the gold. If I use light brown, blue or lighter green, it brings out the brown. Needless to say, I rarely wear blue or light green. I'll wear light brown anyway because it's the only way I can get a natural look.

Having a tan also makes my eyes look lighter.
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