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Astonied 01-11-2013 07:28 AM

Eyelash extensions
Have you ever gotten eyelash extensions? Do you think they are worth it? I don't know how to apply false lashes. I end up putting them on wrong and getting glue all over my eyelid. Even if I did know how to put them on, I would be annoyed at having to take them on and off everyday and having to buy them regularly. I tried looking up Youtube tutorials but I can't see because their hands are always in the way. I also wear glasses and don't have contacts at the moment. I am extremely near sided so I have to get really close to them mirror in order to put them on. What are your preferences, false lashes or lash extensions? Any tips on putting false eyelashes on?

nappilyevaafta 01-11-2013 09:00 AM

I have been having the same issue! Hope someone can help...

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EvlinSymon 10-06-2013 11:55 PM

No, Eyelash extension is not a good option. You can try some other option which gives you very good results without any side effects. eyelash extension will damage your natural lashes so that your lashes falling out and becomes weak.

Bondilashes 11-15-2014 04:49 PM

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Bondilashes 11-15-2014 04:49 PM

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claudine191 11-15-2014 07:26 PM

They do it at a salon I used to visit, and I did enquire about it, but it takes a long time to apply and I have trouble sitting still unless I'm very tired. Also I think it works best on dark lashes, which not everyone has (including me).

frckls 11-16-2014 07:08 AM

The studio where I had my brows done also offers eyelash extensions and I know a lot of women got the whole thing work in there. The ones I've seen are really great and I contemplated in getting it for a while. But, I finally decided not to since the upkeep is pretty fussy. It will have to be redone every few weeks (and I was moving to another continent), you can't get your lashes wet for the first 2 days, you also can't use any wax-based pencil liner and clean your eyes with any oil based cleanser. I love oil cleansing and that does wonder to my skin, so I wasn't giving up on that. Even if I stayed home, I still wouldn't get it as it would just be a waste of money. My favorite mascara is dirt cheap so I don't mind applying everytime. Getting extensions would mean saving at least 7-10 more minutes in the morning (having my brows done saves me 15 already woohoo!) and I'm that lazy, but all the other fuss that entails outweigh 7-10 more minutes staying in bed in the morning.

claudine191 11-16-2014 08:09 AM

That sounds like a pain. ^

Wildfox 11-16-2014 09:26 AM

My friend gets eyelash extensions often because she works at a salon. They look amazing but they are definitely high maintenance and getting them frequently could damage your natural lashes. For special occasions they're nice though but I would only go to a place that specializes in them and one that only uses a one on one technique versus applying clumps to each individual lash which is also bad for your natural lashes. Many coats of a great mascara and an eyelash curler can often have a huge impact on its own. Strip lashes are difficult to get looking natural but if you use ones that have a clear base and lots of practice they can look just as good. I've used dark brown wispies before that several people thought were extensions but again, only special occasions.

frckls 11-16-2014 11:15 AM

I bet it is indeed

Wildfox 11-16-2014 11:32 AM

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I actually just put some strip lashes on because I'm going to a baby shower.
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I used ardell wispies and duo eyelash adhesive in dark tone, both from Sally's. I also use clear maybelline mascara, black liquid liner, and tweezers to apply.

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