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I've been looking at pictures lately and have been displeased with how my makeup has been photographing. Previously my mother would criticize me for the barely there makeup look. Lately I have been attempting to create a more mature makeup look because of my age and my joining into the workforce. I decided to get my makeup professionally done. I went to Macy's and walked around the different makeup stands to see the colors and the technician's makeup. I really like the colors on the Dior pallette. They looked professional and fresh. I requested that the technician do my makeup for a workday. I also asked her what I could do differently for a night out. She was not helpful. She didn't put anything on my eyebrow scar or lips until I asked. When I was done I looked just like I do when I do my own makeup. The total was $539.00 for all of the makeup. I have gotten the same exact results with CVS products for way cheaper. I was expecting a huge difference and did not see any.
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Did you actually buy the makeup or just have her total it up?
Speaking as someone who worked for Macy's for years, I wouldn't call them makeup artists. They're salesgirls who usually like makeup. It doesn't mean they're not knowledgeable about their line, they can be, but their job is to sell. They've had a pretty quick training on makeup application, if that. Sorry that it wasnt as fun for you.
I would HIGHLY recommend finding an independent makeup artist (you can usually find them advertising for brides on the knot, etc) and setting up an appointment. They can be expensive, around $100 for a lesson but she will teach you everything and it's catered to your needs. That might be what you want. Otherwise, there is a site called pixie woo online that does tons of makeup tutorials. I find everything there!
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