Red marks ?!

I am pretty young and had major knee reconstruction, after surgery I was on some HEAVY HEAVY narcotics for pain. All through puberty and now into high school I have only ever had mild acne.. About 2 1/2-3 months after being off the medication I broke out HORRIBLY with like green filled welts on my chin !! (Sounds terrible I know.. So sorry for the visual!!) I did my best to leave them alone and took vitamins and aloe liver cleanse and ate healthy.. The welts are gone now thank God! But now all along my chin I have little red bumps!!! I don't know if this is still reacting to the medication (now 4 months later).. They are not scars but it is annoying and before I could go comfortably out in public without face make up but now I feel embarrassed and wear foundation just to even everything out.. Any ideas on how to make the redness go away ?!
Hi Wild_n_Curly21,

I hope your surgery fixed the problem. Glad it's over with!

Honestly, I think you should see a dermatologist, because nobody on this board can tell if you are still reacting to the medication after 4 months, having an allergic reaction to something, or having a hormonal problem or whatever. If you know of or can find a derm. that you trust, that would be the quickest way to solve your problem.

If you live in NYC, and want a recommendation, please p.m. me.

Good luck and I hope everything improves for you!
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