Do you know of any legitimate sources that show harmful effects? Any studies? When food goes bad its the bacteria that makes you sick.
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Here's an excerpt from a Chicago Tribune story:

<< So what's wrong with eating rancid oils?

"There are at least two," says lipid specialist and University of Massachusetts professor Eric Decker. "One is that they lose their vitamins, but they also can develop potentially toxic compounds" that have been linked to advanced aging, neurological disorders, heart disease and cancer.

"They're carcinogenic, pro-inflammatory and very toxic," says integrative medicine specialist Andrew Weil. "They are also widespread in the food chain." >>

Link to entire article: A kitchen full of dangerous products - Chicago Tribune
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No offense but I don't take much stock in articles. Anyone can say anything they want and twist facts to support whatever point they intend to make.
If there is bacterial or fungal contamination it could make you sick. The reason we "preserve" foods are to prevent bacterial and fungus from breaking it down and it is the microorganisms that can potentially cause illness.

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Not sure what kind of "legitimate sources" would satisfy you. What about scientific, peer-reviewed studies? 'Cause I can post links to those, too.
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