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Can anyone recommend a good eye make up remover? I've just starte wearing mascara again, and am finding it a nightmare to remove. I have a lotion remover from Boots and it's so didficult to get rid of all of it. In the morning, I find I have panda eyes as there was still some there. I also have very very delicate skin around the eye area - I've already got lines and I'm only 19. I love the way mascara looks, but it's a massive hassle to remove and doesn't do a lot for my skin. Finally, I swear the stuff actually stains under my eyes too. There is definite darkness there that I don't have usually.

i just bought an eye make-up remover in december and i absolutely love it. it's by bobbi brown. it has rose water and other natural things in it. it's expensive but you only need so little at a time, the bottle should last a really long time.
i read in my bobbi brown make-up book that you should use an oil-free eye make-up remover, unless you are removing stage make-up. this is because 1. oily eye make-up removers can just smear the make-up around your face
2. if you remove the make-up and then want to put on make-up again you cannot put make-up over oil, but if it is oil free then you won't have a problem

the bobbi brown eye make-up remover looks like water. i just pour the teeniest bit onto a piece of cotton and wipe my entire eye area, then i go over the area with a dry piece of cotton. it works great. HTH

ETA: i just used it and read the bottle. it is aloe vera extract and rose water. so delicate and works so magnificently
Here's a tip: Don't use Maybelline makeup remover if you have sensitive eyes! Last night I used too much of it and my eyelids got cracked and dry and flaky...ew.

My best bet is to use plain old Vaseline. Since my eye area is naturally dry, it moisturizes and removes makeup. You can just use a tissue to wipe off the Vaseline and makeup.
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i have been using the generic version of "Olay" cleansing cloths from Loblaws and i LOVE them! i use waterproof mascara every day and these get it all off.
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Thank you everyone. =) I'll look into it all. =)
I use olive oil to remove my eye makeup and mascara. It works REALLY well. I have been doing this for years.
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I love Lancome's BiFacil...I got three small bottles on ebay pretty cheap. They last a really long time!
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I really love the Almay eye makeup remover pads in the blue bottle.
Nivea makes a fabulous non-greasy eye makeup remover lotion that works well.

That said, I had the same problem as you with pretty much all mascaras, they flaked, they smudged, they were a pain to remove. This was especially bad since I wear contacts. Once I switched to Kiss Me mascara, that all ended (link: ). There is a bit of a learning curve with this stuff (it's easy to overdo it and it dries practically instantly), but I love it, especially the easy removal. Just a little warm water, some gentle friction, and it comes right off. It is pricey, but worth every penny to me.
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Another vote for Almay eye makeup remover pads--although mine are in a pink bottle--I wonder what the difference is between the blue and pink?
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Sorry I'm late to the party, but I use baby shampoo. The no tears kind. I don't like the way oils feel when I take off my makeup.
Another rec for plain ol' vaseline. I used to use an eye make up remover but it made my lashed break off in the middle of my eye...that was attractive

If you don't like wearing mascara but want darker lashes why not get them dyed? It only costs about 8 and really does work
Thanks. =) I really appreciate all the responses. =) I bought a new eye make up remover (think it's Nivea) for sensitive eyes and will try that and take it from there.

Twirlygirl - Thanks, and it's a good idea, but my lashes are already very dark. I've tried clear mascara, but it doesn't do much. I like the thickening and lenthening mascara gives me... I just get cross when it flakes there no end to what this product can be used for?

Thanks again. =)
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baby oil works great

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