Chemical Peels

I plan on investing is a series of chemical peels to improve the texture of my skin. As a balck woman, however, I am worried about hyperpigmentation.

Has anyone had chemical peels? How did they feel and did they work??
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Though Ive never had a chemical peel I have discussed it with my derm. and plan on getting some in the future(once I can afford it). I just wanted to comment b/c you said that youre concerned about hyperpigmentation.My dermatologist,who specializes in skin of color, recommended a certain peel for me called B-LIFTx. It is supposed to have the following effect on skin(this is from the brochure)...Fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent, skin tone evens out, texture becomes more refined, oily or acne-prone skin is improved, enlarged pores appear smaller, superficial scars appear reduced, skin appears healthier and more youthful. Im not sure if youre looking for that kind of peel but I do remember her telling me(someone who already has a problem with hyperpigmentation and scars) that it will not cause any additional kind of hyperpigmentation. Afterwards your skin is very,very sensitive so if you dont wear an SPF of at least 30 then you might get some discoloration. I dont know if price varies by doctor or if its one set price for this certain peel all over but my derm charges $200 for one peel.
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I am white, so I can't answer to your main concern, but as far as do they work and how do they feel - I have had a few and after my first one I was told by several people that my skin was glowing. That was a mild one. I've had a deeper one that I feel really did help wrinkles and it tightened my skin a little. The aesthician said it would, I was skeptical, but it did, especially around the eyes. The downside is you have to live with flaking and peeling for anywhere from 7 days to 2 weeks depending on how deep you go. That is the only thing stopping me from getting another one.

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