Mineral Makeup

Sorry, Alicia, that's all I know.
Minneapolis, MN
I hate having to constanly touch up my powder foundation, so I want to try mineral makeup. I checked out the website of Everyday Minerals, and their ingredients are fantastic.

One important question though... Where are Everyday Minerals products made?
Originally Posted by Mint

They're handcrafted products and the company is located in Texas. You can probably email them and ask where they get their ingredients if you have further concerns.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Thanks! I saw your reply after I emailed them. Everyday Minerals said that their products are produced in the U.S. with the exception of the silk dust and brushes. I ordered a couple things (including a FREE sample pack!) and can't wait to try them!
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
How much product do you use in an application? The BE informercials and those on QVC shows only a tiny amount. I dont think a tiny amt will do for me.
3B very thick, curly hair and on the longer side
Palm Beach County, Fl

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