What's your favorite red lipstick?

I'm really loving the Kate Moss collection from Rimmel; so far I have 001, 111 and 010. I also love Sangria from Milani, Licorice from NYX, and Ferguson Crest Cabernet from the Wet and Wild Fergie Collection (these are deeper reds, close to Rebel from MAC).

What are your favorite reds? Deep, orange-based or blue-based, it doesn't matter!
For me it has to be very muted, very brown-red, and more on the sheer side at that. Not too dark either. Revlon Fig Jam lip butter comes close. I've been eyeing the lip butter in Candy Apple, which is a sheer orangy-red which might work on me for night-time. And I do have a Sephora lip gloss in Bronzed Beauty which is a sparkly browned-down red with gold sparkles in it - nice for night-time! Other than that, I'm pretty much a neutral lip person. Most reds don't suit me, even when I was young!
MAC's Ruby Woo but I don't wear it often. I am not a huge fan of the matte formula. I feels too drying so I add gloss.
I also loved a Maybelline red lipstick from their whisper line. It was Cherry something. Kind of a pinky red. I do better with cool tones, but sadly I lost it.

I do have one darker, more brown/red from Estee Lauder that I like. It somehow works with my skin. It's called Cheating Heart.

What's your favorite red lipstick?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1402232290.083125.jpg
What's your favorite red lipstick?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1402232354.533082.jpg

Very moisturizing and it works well as a daytime color when I apply it lightly.
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