Paraben Free Eye Cream Recs

I've been using Bare Minerals eye cream but I don't like my results. I noticed in a couple pictures taken yesterday that my eyes look tired. Any recommendations?
I love Chagrin Valley Eye & Face Mousse (it really can be used all over the face too, hasn't broken me out, and I always break out when using any other shea on the face, but not this one), I only use it at night, and the whole jar lasts me a year. I keep repurchasing, this is the first for me. It doesn't make my eyes look swollen in the am, like some eye creams have in the past. I also use various oils and oil blends on top of my moisturizer and over eye cream, so it's contributing my the condition of my skin/eye area, which I'm very happy with since I started using natural products.

Another good one is from It's called Revital-Eyes, there are different variations, I use WDCP. Got a sample size and it's lasting me forever, it's thick and creamy and very little is needed. This can be used during the day, it's good under make up, not greasy.

Another one I love and will repurchase when I run out is by Ayelet Naturals, I got it on Etsy over a year ago, I think they have a website too, and jar is still full, tiniest amount is needed, just touch of a finger to the surface is enough for both eyes, so even sample can last for a long time. It's got zinc in it, I know they can't claim SPF, but when I got it description said there's enough zinc to be equivalent to SPF 30 (I do use my face sunscreen over it too though, which is also zinc based). Very moisturizing but not greasy, great under make up, never any milia. It's called Brightening something (label is long gone on my jar), and there's a version without zinc as well, I got samples at first and loved that one too.

I get up at around 5 am or before, and hardly ever get good night sleep, yet my eye area never shows this, and I think products I use have something to do with it. If I lose some weight or am very tired my eyes can look a little sunken, but still no bags or dark shadows. No wrinkles either, but at my age I'm not supposed to have them yet anyway, and I know eye creams don't really prevent them, and I'm sure they won't save me, but at least I'm content to know I'm doing best I can with moisturizing and protecting, and using non toxic ingredients.
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I just saw your reply. Thank you so much for all of the information!
I have been using Eminence Organic's skin care for some time, tried 4 of their eye creams and the ones I love the most are Bearberry and Cooling Cucumber Eye gel. The Bearberry is hands down the best. The Cooling Cucumber is great but I would only use it on puffy days or nights. Both are more on the expensive side but the products are highly concentrated and a little dab will do.
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I like Caudalie and 100 percent pure's eye creams. Now I just use plain shea butter. Vitamin E is great too. Jen Aniston used vaseline I had heard.

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