I keep coming across several mixed reviews on this product and thought I would ask if anyone here as tried it. If so, what did you think?

I really have not seen many saying they hate it or mass amounts of people saying it bothered their skin, etc. It has coconut water, probiotics, and is silicone free. I know that is a huge draw for people who hate silicone based primers. Most seem to agree it works well as a light but very hydrating moisturizer. It does not seem to react horribly for those with oily skin. It's light enough, sinks in and is not greasy. Somehow it seems to be just hydrating enough for those with dry skin. All good until you get to it's main function. I see an even split between those who say it does not fuction like a primer at all and those who say it helps their makeup apply smoother and last longer. I do see many who use it as a light moisturizer and then put another primer on their t zone.
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