Foundation that doesn't come off on everything?

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Can any one recommend a foundation that doesn't come off on everything? I currently use it Cosmetics CC+ Cream and love it, except, that I notice it is on my paperwork at my desk, on parts of my car, etc.. Apparently, I unconsciously touch my face more than I'm aware.

I'd like something with good coverage. I have dark spots due to hypothyroidism.

I think that depends on what kind of texture or finish you prefer for your skin type and sort of the price you're willing to pay. I've never had great luck with drug store foundations, however, color stay by revlon has a ton of coverage and really sticks around. Generally speaking, I don't use foundation - only tinted moisturizers/bb creams or lighter coverage foundations. The chanel vitalumiere aqua has a beautiful finish, buildable coverage and is somewhere between dewy and matte. Chanel also makes a nice foundation that is high coverage. I think its just called vitalumiere and it definitely has a matte finish. YSL touche eclat foundation is more of a smooth semi-dewy finish but great coverage and looks incredible in photos. Again, buildable. I alternate between 2 tinted moisturizers, Nars and Laura Mercier. Depends on the look. If you have dark spots but otherwise great skin, maybe don't cover it up and just focus on the areas that really need it. If you have oily skin like me, then lots of foundation just slides off unless you really set it down with powder.
I have hashimotos hypothyroidism too, but I don't have dark spots (didn't know that was one of the many symptoms). My symptoms are mainly weight gain and brain fog lol.
Laura Mercier secret camoflage concealer is thick and high coverage and can be thinned out with moisturizer. Makeup artists Lisa Eldridge has this amazing tutorial on pin point concealing. I've seen people with severe cystic acne use this technique and look flawless! Its really good.
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NP: Deva NP, DC low poo, ACV rinses
RO: Deva 1 Cond orig or decadence
LI: 1 Cond, B'leavin
Styler: Deva SPC or reg SC
Gels: DC LDG, Bouncecurl
Refresh: water w Lavender oil.
Scalp: Lav/jojoba/rosem/pep oils.
Airdry, wait 30 mins before diffusing.
Loves a little protein in stylers! Hates heavy stuff.
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I think you're right.
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