Can toothpaste make your lips chapped?

I've been using Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste with "foaming action".
And although I like the stuff I've noticed that my lips are uncontrollably chapped and so is the skin just above the lip line (where the foam hits).

I use lip moisturizers every night and throughout the day but they are still chapped. So as experiment I'm now switching toothpaste to "Toms" natural.

Any fellow curlies else ever made a connection to chapped lips from toothpaste??? Thanks!
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I use Aquafresh Extreme all the time. Never have a problem with chapped lips. I do always make sure I wash and rinse well after brushing though. I brush before I shower in the morning, or before I wash my face for the night.

I find Tom's toothpaste to be very caustic.
Not chapped lips, but I can't use any Colgate toothpaste. I get dry, flaky skin under my bottom lip whenever Colgate comes into contact with my skin.
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Thanks for the feedback!

I've noticed that since I've stopped using the Aquafresh my lips and the skin area above them seem to getting some relief. So I think I'll just discontinue it for now.

RedCatWaves - so far no problems with the Toms.

curlyjenn - I just don't like Colgate toothpaste period.
No more PJ tendencies. Tigi Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is the best thing to make my curls rock all day! Next best are KCCC and Re:Coil +HE TT Gel.
Most toothpastes contain SLS - we all know how drying this is for our hair, after all it was created to clean the grease off car engines and garage floors. This is the foaming agent found in anything .... well that foams including toothpaste. I havent used a toothpaste in years that contains SLS. But alot of the natural toothpastes dont contain flouride which is helpful for teeth.

I use a toothpast called SQUIGGLE ENAMEL SAVER- no SLS but has flouride, available over the net. Great product - has cut down on the amount of ulcers my son gets so thats a great thing. Fantastic service and immediate despatch.

Check if your toothpaste contains menthol. This ingredient dries out skin, and is used in many acne products. This ingredient is the root of why some people apply toothpaste to their face in the hopes of drying out zits. However, many many toothpastes don't contain any menthol at all, making the "toothpaste mask" useless.
I know this is a sorta-old post, but I just wanted to tell you, GodGiven, that I am "allergic" or sensitive to fluoride and fabric softener. They give me peri-oral dermatitis (mild, thank goodness) which is a red itchy and sometimes bumpy rash around my mouth. You may have a very similar sensitivity. I've been using Tom's of Maine for, 12-15 years? or something and it helps keep the problem toned down. I can't stand regular mint toothpaste now!!

Check out the section "causes":
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