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I have a charity Valentine's Dance that I have to go to, and it will be a dressy event. I wear makeup every day: foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and usually lip gloss. How can I vamp up my look for a special occasion? I thought about trying some liquid eyeliner, but I don't know if that will give me a "special" look or not.

BTW, if this makes any difference, I have brown eyes, brown hair, and I will be wearing a red dress.
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you could use a darker shade of eyeshadow in the crease of your give you a more dramatic effect. or you could use a darker eyeliner (maybe black if you usually use navy) and create a smudged smokey look. maybe line not only on top but also on the bottom..and blend, blend, blend.

perhaps you could use a lipliner with your lipstick, and blend well of course, giving your lips a more polished look.

sometimes, its all in the accessories. if youre happy with your regular makeup, i would say, stick to what makeup you normally wear and vamp it up with some big jewelry, heels, and cleavage.
with a red dress, i would go with red, RED lips and tone down everything else!

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