Seeking a good moisturizer


For the past several years, I have been using Purpose face wash and moisturizer, with pretty good results. However, I have decided to give up using Sulfates on my face (well, on all of me actually), and it has helped with my oilyness substantially (I guess my face was overcompensating for being dried out).

I am currently using Tea Tree Oil face wash from Trader Joe's, and I am wondering what a good moisturizer would be. The Purpose is a good lightweight moisturizer and not greasy, but I still feel like my cheeks tend to feel (not look though) a bit dry. Maybe its just the winter.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Try Old Lady Cream from Sage Skin Care. It's esp good if you have oily skin. And a little goes a long way.

I believe they'll do samples for you.
The Body Shop has (or used to have) a gel tea tree moisturizer. You might try that. And Clinique now does their classic Dramatically Different in a lite gel formula.
The Body Shop moisturizer looks good, maybe I'll get that... (but oy its more expensive than I'm used to, I usually pay around nine dollars but its for twice as much moisturizer)

it says to use after toning, (which I never do), and really, how important IS toning, and what exactly is its purpose? (Can I use Mist-er Right for this, since I already have it?)

Dag, I think I just guano-ed my own thread.
currently loving the deva line
I use a very mild toner because I have flaky skin and it seems to help with that. It's like my skin is smoother and the moisturizer goes on and absorbs better. I don't know what Mist-er Right is but if it works for you, I don't see why you can't use it. TBS also has tea tree toner, if you're interested.
I love Kiss My Face Alpha & Aloe Oil Free Moisturizer and have been using it for years.

Love it, love it, love it. I have combination skin that can tend to be oily and sometimes break-out prone, yet dry in other spots. It's the perfect moisturizer for me.

Plus it's very economical - I pay around $9 for a big 16 oz. bottle!

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I would recommed giving Principal Secret a try. The moisturizer that comes in the Advanced line is to die for. It is so smooth and creamy. I looove it.
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