stealing an idea from many a competitor, new blushes:


Sheertone Blush

Blossom Tip/Rose Tip - soft coral matte / slightly rosy pink matte
Rosewood/Cashew - rose polished brown matte / softly refined cocoa-peach matte
Blushbaby/Peachiness - smokey plum coral / lightweight peach
Breath of Plum/Ring O' Roses - dulled down plum / soft playfull plum

Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Roseland/Orchid Sheen - full bloom pink, violet / pink-flushed lavendar
Trust Fund/Pinkerpeach - terracotta copper / mellow pinky peach
Golden Kitty/Primpin' - soft golden metalic fusion / rosy coral with pink pearl
Bloomsberry/Tiger Lily - muted lavendar overlaid with copper / soft polished copper

prices - $18.50 US / $22.00 Cdn.
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