Mascara for sensitive eyes that is waterproof?

I went to my local beauty counter and they were stumped.
I have sensitive eyes but need waterproof mascara b/c I work in high humidity TIA !
Lots of Fine easily weighed down 3A curls
PJ currently loving Devacare one c, CEHT,& Durahold but still searching for HGs
Finally grew out my bad layers!!!
Kiss Me mascara might be just what you need.

it's waterproof, smudgeproof and is highly recommended for sensitive eyes.

it actually forms tiny tubes around your lashes and you take it off by using gentle pressure to slip the tubes off your lashes.

however, it's quite expensive - over $20 per tube.

beauty supply stores carry it.
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Covergirl does a washable waterproof mascara that is pretty good. I have really sensitive eyes and can use this stuff. It is in a reddish tube.
try almay. i've had good luck with it. also physicians formula is good as well.
*taylor* 3a fine and thin/medium

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