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I've ordered a few samples and wonder if anyone else here uses this brand? If so what do you use, how do you use it and were there any products you tried and didn't like? Thanks!

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I have used a few of her products. I just get tired of ordering stuff off the internet and always search for local sources instead, so I haven't reordered anything lately. I also like to play with different cosmetics & colors, so I have a tendency to not purchase the same thing twice!

I really like her eye shadows and haven't found any drug store brand that is comparable. They are soft, sheer & matte. It seems like almost everything in the drug store has some shiny/shimmery/pearl in it, or if a duo, at least one of the shades has it.

Her "healthy" color blush (or some similar name) was a wonderful color on me. I actually used the whole pot of blush. A first for me. I've always been tempted to reorder, but haven't.

I have a lipstick of hers that is a wonderful shade. I can't remember the color. I like it and as matte lipsticks go, it doesn't settle in the lines of my lips too badly. Though not a long-wearing formula, it lasts for a good amount of time.

I've tried some of her skin care products. They are good, but not great, IMO. Her anitoxidant concentrate actually made me break out with an itchy spot on my neck. I like her beta hydroxy solutions, but not enough to order and pay shipping. If I want an AHA product, I usually pick up Alpha Hydrox from the discount store and have just as good results.

I really want to try her gel eyeliner, but shipping costs usually keep me from doing so.

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i believe there are threads here about her products. i like the benzoyl peroxide from her a lot. i also use the liquid aha with a sprayer. i usually order enough when the shipping is $3 or free to not have to order frequently. i just checked and my last order was sept 06. i also have recently used something by the alpha hydrox that i like so i don't know. shipping is annoying. i don't think the cleansers are worth it and i never tried her makeup...i like to be able to try my makeup on...i like mac colors a lot. with her skin care products they are fragrance and color free and seem to have few additives so i like that.
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I use her 2% BHA solution. I like it right much, but since I've started using Retin-A, I now only use it on occasion as I'm trying to simplify my routine.
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I also the 2% BHA solution, and I really like it. It's pricey ($20 once you factor in the shipping?), but it's lasted for something like 6 months...
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