Philosophy Girls

Are there any Philosophy girls in the house? What are your favorite products?
Thick, coarse 3C hair
BC Feb 2009/ relaxer free since 06/08
Second time around!
I am so addicted to Philosophy products. Faves are Hope in a Jar, Purity made simple and Pure Grace.
I loooovveee Amazing Grace...
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I used it a while ago loved how it changed my skin. Went to Oil of Olay. Ok product but not the same. What was I thinking. Recently went back over a month ago. I use purity, HIAJ w/SPF and serum. Now I want to try the other products. Which other ones do you use?
Thick, coarse 3C hair
BC Feb 2009/ relaxer free since 06/08
Second time around!
i'm a complete philosophy gal. my skin care regimen is 100% philosophy

purity made simple
hope in a jar
on a clear day blemish serum
the present skin perfector

for fragrance, i use amazing grace, falling in love, and philosophy the fragrance.

i used to use their supernatural makeup, but recently switched to everyday minerals. better coverage, cheaper, and no bismuth oxychloride! i use their supernatural makeup brush to apply my makeup.

i also use their microdelivery peel (LOVE), amazing grace shampoo bath and shower gel, hot salt scrub, and perfumed hair conditioner. i also use the amazing grace firming body emulsion.

the hair care stuff is okay, but i prefer my joico.

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Cant rate the Philosophy highly line enough - their products are amazing. Now when I tell you the products I have tried you will think that I am obsessed..... Currently using Purity made simple, when hope is not enough serum & eye cream, hope in a jar, vit c powder, mineral makeup and the gingerbread lip shine. I also us booster serum and help me at night. Have also got in my stash & use:- save me, gingerbread & amazing grace scrub, AG shower gel & body cream, microdelivery peel scrub, perfumes AG fragrance & eau de parfum, Inner grace perfume, falling in love & pure grace, vanilla lip shine. Probably have more if I dared to think about it. The only thing I have tried and didnt like was their Kiss Me Red lip shine, it had a nasty chemical smell & taste ( not that I was eating it, but you know when you lick your lips!!) Love their packaging with their quaint quotes.

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Ostara, how do you like the vit c powder, booster serum, help me and save me? What do they do for your skin. I am thinking of getting those but not sure.
Thick, coarse 3C hair
BC Feb 2009/ relaxer free since 06/08
Second time around!
Hi Legette68, well let me tell you that I bought mine from ebay, they have some great deals - to buy them here in the UK is hard and expensive.

Vit C powder is really good although it did dry my skin out somewhat at first but I just used it less frequently until my skin adjusted and it definately gave it a glow. I mix it with the serum but you only need a little bit - they say half a scoop and you only need a little of the serum otherwise my skin seems sort of glossy.

Save Me - this is also really good, it has Vit C, peptides and retinol so its a good all rounder. Again it seemed to give me a more even complexion and a glow.

Booster serum - well I am using that at the moment and the jury is still out on that one, cant say I noticed a great improvement but its OK. It is a sort of supercharged peptide serum.

Help Me - contains retinol - and at first use after a few days my skin seemed a little dry but I suppose it is to be expected, it is concentrated. It also seemed to refine my pores as well. You really should use a broad spectrum sunscreen whilst using this.

I have also used the capsules cant remember the name of these but they are good as well.

My problem is that I jump to different things all the time so its difficult to say what is really the best to go for as they say that you should use a product for 3 months before you see improvements - I am in too much of a hurry for that and want to try the next thing. But I would recommend the Vit C and possibly Save Me if you want to try them. I would say that you dont need all the stuff like me - but Im greedy

Hope this helps

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