August BPAL chatter

Alright, I know it's the middle of the month; I know I've been gone from the nc forums for longer than I care to admit; and I know it seems everyone else has nearly disappeared from over here, but . . . figured I'd begin my return with another BPAL thread.

And, oh my god - new emoticons?! I *heart* them. Especially this guy:

People still up for BPAL chatter? Sorry to have neglected this forum for so long . . .
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omg! stumbled on this quite by accident...SF-I don't think there's too many bpal-using posters here anymore, but I'm always happy to chime in (although I'm kinda addicted to the bpal forum-I swear it's gonna get me fired one day... )..ok, just have to do this cause I love bouncy emoticons
Can't wait for the next update--Halloweenies! curious about HAEE, Arcana & Possets seasonal stuff now, too...any experience with those?

i've been going mad searching for a new place to live...

my evil landlord rented the apt upstairs (i'm in the lower part of a house) to a family of 5 with 3 teenagers.

the noise level has gone from almost non-existent (i had 3 university students upstairs before), to unbearable. not to mention the battles over parking for Drew and their refusal to pay for cable/internet (i cut them off and they weren't happy about it).

i just saw a beeeeeeeuuuuu-tiful place - the largest rooms i've seen in a house, radiant heating in the floors, a bigger kitchen than i have now (with a dishwasher) and a gas fireplace. i'm giving it serious thought because it's only an extra 5 minutes walk to the office.

the downsides are that it's slightly more expensive, but i can certainly afford it now, and there's no deck/backyard (front yard), and it's not by the river - which i LOVE!

the only other prospect is across the street, but that one is TINY even by comparison to what i have now. the only good thing is that it has a washer and dryer and full basement for storage - though the stairs are darn steep!

so, that's what i've been up to!!!

CGF, i got some possets as an extra with some purchases on the BPAL forum and wasn't that impressed with them... it's probably just me, though!
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Heh. Seems like we all got the same impulse at around the same time. I'm still around, just out of town. I've been on vacation in Greece for the month visiting family, and won't be back until after the first weekend in Sept., but I'm at an internet cafe today and thought I'd drop in and say hi!

My hair is completely freaking out at the travel. I think I'm figuring out that the added (unusual) humidity here, coupled with the heat, is the most likely culprit and I've switched my routine to: gently combing before my showers since I can't do it in there now that I'm not using cond.; waterwash, and shampoo once a week (apparently my hair needs it); no conditioner except a light spray leave-in (it's the only thing that doesn't weigh it down too much); scrunching with a tee; then scrunch in a mix of Aveda Flax Gel and BRHG. After I diffuse, I lightly comb, and end up with mermaid-ish waves. *sigh* All my few spirals have disappeared for now anyway, but I guess that's just something I have to accept during summer. My hair seems to just prefer being a touch dry, with cool humidity in the air.

I say go for it, Rou! It sounds like a really great place; you'll get your peace and quiet back, and at least the added cost is well-compensated for by the added perks. Besides, there're always long romantic walks by the river to make up for not living so near to it.

I'm currently hoarding just my favorite LEs off the internet and swap boards, as I can. When I get back my mail lady is probably going to throw out her back delivering all the tiny little packages that have been multiplying, and waiting for me!

Besides that, does anybody know for sure if the various Gaiman blends really are LE or GC?? I keep seeing them listed as "LE" on ebay and a few swap posts, which is making me nervous, as I thought they weren't going away. I know they're unimpable, and more expensive, kind of like the Salons, but if they really are going to go away at some point I'm going to have to start also hoarding Mr. Ibis and Crowley in preparation. I luuurve those two!

This little guy is one of my favorites - so cute!
i got the apartment and i move on October 1st!!!!!

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^^^ Wooo! Congratulations, Rou!! And in the spirit of this thread, may I say I think that calls for serious celebratory gluttony where the newest bpal update is concerned?? Or at the very least a bottle of "October" in honor of your move-in date...

So, yeah, the new update is soooooo up, for anyone who hasn't noticed!!! I'm dying. I've printed out the whole 10 friggin' pages of the announcement, and am trying desperately not to peek until I get it home so I can make notes, and drool, and figure out in peace just how much will put me out on the street, and how much will merely impoverish me. Because of course those are my only two options at this point. Heh.

How 'bout the rest of you?? Any deciscions yet?
Hey all!!! Long time no chat! Congrats on the new pad Rou!

I've been enjoying summer & trying to stay off the net. I cut my spending WAY back so & all BPAL has been off limits. I checked this AM for the update & HOLY CANOLI!!!

I hopped on circles on BPAL-- too much for me to decide so I just got one of everything. Oooph.

to getting new smilies!!

how freakin' funny is this one? Looks like me in the humidity!!!
3a/b mix
enablers!!! the lot of you!!!!


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i am soooo heartbroken right now...

my current landlord said i didn't give him enough notice in order to be able to move at the end of September. he says i have to pay him for October too...

but i can't afford to pay rent on two places...

so i had to give up the beautiful new place.

the Tenancy Commission said that i have a good case for getting my money back based on the situation with the upstairs neighbours, but i'd have to pay him first and submit an application to get it refunded, which could take months if he insists on going to a hearing.

he and i talked about the situation here at the end of July and he's done nothing to remedy it and i told him then that i would leave "as soon as possible" - legal in this province is 60 days. now he's claiming i didn't say that...

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Hi, all.

Rou, so, so sorry. There's got to be something you can do? I can't believe that landlord of yours. I hope something positive comes out of this. Aside from that, everyone seems to be doing well-vacationing in Greece *tries very hard not to be jealous*, saving money, etc....I've been so bogged down at work, the ot is nice, but it's effecting the kids, and now dh lost his job -closed the Orlando terminal...may end up good in one way-he's been gone this week taking ground school for a cargo flying job-if he passes, at least he'll be in the general field he loves, but the pay is less than half of what he was bringing home...can you say "bye, bye bpal"? and everything else? Just when I was starting to get into the other companies and MAC lipstick, of all things-thanks to someone and all her threads here, what does a person on the verge of utter broke-ness do? Buys bpal Halloweenies, of course :P , and places an order with Possets and Magical Omaha while the $$$ are still sorta there. Anyway, been sick as hell for 3 days now (I've got an understood quarantine at my cubicle at work)..maybe I'll try to get some actual sleep tonight...take care...

p.s. MH & Lush-always thinkin' 'bout y'all....
^^^^^ oh no....

it might be time for a group hug!
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update -

i am away for the weekend and my current landlord - the one who says i didn't give enough notice - emailed me and told me he has someone who wants my place for October 1st, so why don't i get my nice place after all...


i am SO angry, i could spit nails right now!

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Oh man!!! I feel so bad for you guys!

Definitely group hug time...

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