Mineral Eyeshadows??

I have really bad luck with eyeshadow in general as far as it staying put without a hardcore primer. I've had even worse luck with mineral shadows but never use anything under them.

Gals who use minerals:
What brand do you use?
Do you use a primer?
Does it last through the day?
Do you find them to be generally superior or inferior to traditional powder eyeshadows?

And lastly:
Is there a better option that someone would be willing to suggest? I want to wear eyeshadow but by lunch time, it looks gross and kind of dirty on my skin-- probably because I'm so oily.
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.
I've tried a lot of mineral makeup brands and my favorite for concealer, foundation and powder is Everyday Minerals.

While I was testing other brands, I got some eye shadow samples from Aubrey Nicole (their samples were so inexpensive, I kinda went crazy).

I fell in love with Twilight, described on the AN site as a "matte powder... our most popular and versatile color. You can use this soft brown shade as eye shadow or eye liner (wet or dry)."

They sell a sample kit of 6 eye shadows for $7.50 (a single 5g jar is $4).

I blend the eye shadow onto my lids like you do with other minerals, and wear it over the concealer, foundation and powder I prep my lids with first. It's the first eye shadow I've used that doesn't crease and lasts all day (yea!).
Do you prep with the foundation/concealer?

I do think, since I've been playing around with mineral shadows, that they stay on much better than traditional shadow overall. I guess because they are more water-resistant???

(I'm using EM shadows)
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.
Do you prep with the foundation/concealer?
Originally Posted by happy-girl
Yup -- concealer, then foundation, then powder.

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