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I had an accident in may and sliced my eyelid open and had to have 6 stitches. There now is a nice lumpy scar there. Eyeshadow covers it but I was wondering if the otc scar treatments really work, like mederma. Any recs?

Also, I was thinking of buying the premoistened face wipes for my girls to use at night, now that they are pre-teen. Any recs on the brand? I need something easy for them to use.
i used the silicone sheets to flatten a keloid scar that i got after a laparascopic procedure years ago and it worked quite well. they are expensive, even for a small one, but can be cut to size for smaller areas.

i don't use pre-moistened wipes so have no recs for you there.
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I also used the silicone sheets (years before Mederma) and it worked great! Give it a try.

I'd like to know if anyone recommends some face wipes or something for young kids. My son is 10 and is starting to get a few zits on his nose and chin. I have to remind him to wash his face at night, he's using a Dove bar for sensitive skin. (no, not the ice cream! always makes me think of that)

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I've never used anything for scars so I won't be any help there.

We (my son and I) have been using a bar soap from Trader Joes. It is a huge white bar with oatmeal in it. I used to break out pretty regular but since washing my face with this soap I haven't had any breakouts. My 13 year old son started breaking out on his forehead. I bought a bar for him and it cleared up his acne too. It doesn't dry out my face either.
We were out of the TJ's soap for a week and I started breaking out. As soon as I started using it again my face cleared up. Same with my son. He had a pimple pop up right before pictures. Started using the soap again and the pimple cleared up before he had pictures taken.
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I don't have a Trader Joes nearby. Can I get it online? I really want to try this soap......thanks Pinksugar!
I think I have seen clarisol wipes in the drug store. I have not used them but they would be a good idea - especially if it makes it so they 'wash' their face.
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I don't have a Trader Joes nearby. Can I get it online? I really want to try this soap......thanks Pinksugar!
Originally Posted by PookyGuide
Trader Joe's does not sell online. I wish they would.

PM'd you.

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