Lipstain Application?

I just bought the Revlon lip stain, which dispenses with a plastic rollerball. I don't know if this is the norm for stains, but it's a very thin liquid (probably so it doesn't gunk up the rollerball), and too much comes out. It's difficult to distribute the stain well. Even though my lips were smooth and dry, the middle of my lips is darkest and the corners appear untouched. By the time my I've got an even coating on, my lips are bright red (which is not the look I want). I get the feeling that application with a Q-tip would be best, but frankly that's too inconvenient. Any suggestions? TIA!
i have the same one and i use a lip brush with it.

first i apply it from the tube, then i take the lipbrush and *smoosh* the stain where i need it.
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Thanks for the advice! I still had issues with the stain looking much, much darker on the area where it was first applied, though. I wound up returning it and getting a Colorstay Sheer lipstick in Sheer Ruby. It's the same color as the Cherry Tart stain, is matte, and actually ends up wearing like a stain. And, of course, it's much less of a fuss to apply!

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